Amazing video of cells moving within an organism


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This is just stunning. Thanks for sharing. I kinda want to see the actual microscope though!


Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy with Adaptive Optics

It has a cool name :).

Long ago I made some confocal microscope ‘videos’ (more like gifs really) of a caterpillar single-cell gland excreting that were pretty cool. It starts out all plump and round and ends up looking like a raisin from all the hormone it has released (to kick off a stage of molting).


Jon Stewart: Or NAMBLA for short


Sleep tight formication sufferers!


Eric Betzig and group at the HHMI Janelia Research Campus


This is a tour de force of imaging cell dynamics. Absolutely incredible. Their cinematic post-production is unfortunate though. All that swooping around makes it really hard to see the process they are trying to show. That motion is reminiscent of NFL broadcast transitions trying to generate excitement. This stuff is plenty exciting on its own.


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