Amazon AI review summaries more satisfying than actual products

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I imagine Amazon will soon begin charging you to view the entertaining, thought-provoking, oh so useful reviews. It takes huge amounts of energy to generate this level of dysfunction.


Meanwhile, reviews from actual customers take a week or two to get approved. And if they’re not approved, you’ll never, ever find out why.


Looks like Amazon is taking a using the playbook from Ticketmaster where the bots/scalpers/merchants are given priority and run the asylum, and the customers are demoted to “product.”

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It’s impossible for me to believe this is in any way an improvement on or more convenient than just reading the damn reviews. They’re not usually very long.

Ugh, that’s it. You’re right.

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The discussion is about Amazon’s AI-generated summaries of customer reviews. Frauenfelder finds them more satisfying than the actual products. They share an example for a hanging-pot planter and its conflicting reviews. Some users express their concerns, such as d4l3d who predicts Amazon may charge customers to view these summaries. ZamboniWogglebug points out that reviews from actual customers take a long time to get approved. Apenzott mentions Amazon seems to prioritize bots, scalpers, and merchants, while Dasylupe questions the convenience of the generated summaries compared to reading the original reviews.


I’m not jumping the Amazon ship yet but removing the questions kind of pushed me closer.

They’re still there but you need the secret link and I’m not sure you can still ask a question or if it would even get answered.

I do love the AI summary though.

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Careful, if Brian realizes how much more accurate it is than Amazon’s review bot, it might jump ship. And then we’d be left without…

Scratch that, carry on.


hey now…


Right? Questions were extremely helpful. It’s just baffling.

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