Amazon is suing its own retailers over fake reviews


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It took them long enough! The general public knew this like forever…


It’s a special kind of paranoid when you have to scan the reviews on Amazon and wonder “Are these real people or sock puppets” before buying something. It undermines my ability to trust at a real, noticeable level. And that pisses me off.


I usually read the 1 star and 2 star reviews on Amazon. If they don’t contain any showstoppers, I feel reasonably confident about buying.

What I would really like is a way to filter out all the reviews that end with “I was supplied with a free sample of this product in return for my honest (;-)) opinion.”


I would think it would be pretty easy to hide your footprints. Are these just the chumps who got caught?


This only covers the fake reviews, right? What Lolipop said. But that’s kinda like asking the DNC to stop taking $$ from payday lenders.


I like when the 1 or 2 star review references them… “Don’t listen to these a-holes because they’re full of it! It’s a piece of garbage.”


Trump still has them beat!


Ya, I start with the three star reviews and then proceed up or down based on what I see there


Three star review seem to be the sweet spot for finding reviewers who don’t think in hyperbole. In theory (but not in practice), three star reviews should be the middle of the bell curve.



Amazon itself(while apparently a soul-crushing postindustrial logistics sweatshop) is pretty reasonable to deal with.

Their ‘marketplace’…is less so. Between the weaknesses of Amazon’s search tech and the amount of skeeziness, I honestly prefer dealing with fleabay rather than grovelling around Amazon’s less loved corners.


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