Amazon posts signs telling workers not to sign union cards

You mean the article within the article? I didn’t bother to click that far through. That said, I don’t put anything past a corporation.

When I was still in undergrad, I once applied to work at Bed, Bath & Beyond; they wanted to do a credit check at my expense… to work in a minimum wage position.

I told them where they could stick their application, and found another company to work for.


When I questioned why a background and credit check was necessary to get a job as a baker for a hotel, and mentioned my union background I was quickly found unsuitable for the position.


I think those two actors have a bright future.

(they were the same actors from the earlier vid, right?)

When I worked at tech companies, I had to tell my younger coworkers this all the time. They always felt that because they gave us ping pong tables and holiday parties that they cared about us. I would always remind them, “If they could pay us less and work us more, they would. Never forget that. The company is not on your side”.


When I was young, NOBODY ever did this for me. I even got fired from a job for discussing my wages with another employee who was a woman. She was being paid less, of course; and this was 50 years after the NRLA, and nobody even made mention of the NRLA in any of our civics classes.

Geez, I could have sued and didn’t even know it.


100 years ago, companies used to shut down for a week or two so the workers could have a guaranteed week off (and the owners could arrange essential maintenance).

I also remember Wednesday being a half day, but that stopped happening before I was 10.


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