Amazon Prime Video is set to join forces with DC Comics' animation

Originally published at: Amazon Prime Video is set to join forces with DC Comics' animation | Boing Boing

Seems like a strange thing to do if you own a streaming service. I suppose that if Amazon can spend over a billion on their ring thing they could have thrown a billion at DC for this. Still seems odd

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I’ve got an Amazon account, so I’m happy to hear that I might be getting new DC Animation content. Maybe DC are going to drop their own streaming service going forward?

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Well, they already killed the DC specific service and melded the content into HBOMax years ago. So anything they do here would be taking content away from HBOmax/Discovery/whatever they end up with there.

I assume they have already figured out that they will make more money this way, but it also seems to indicate a change in brand strategy to move DC Animation out from under their own streaming umbrella


It sounds like maybe HBOMax will still be the first to air DC animation, and older content will get streamed on Amazon at some point to me. If that’s the way it works out, I’m a fan. Less stuff to try and catch up on when I eventually get HBOMax for a month or two then cancel it. It’s not the kind of streaming service I feel the need to subscribe to year-round.


If that’s the case then I guess it is not that much different from the Sesame Street deal, which I know is basically the only reason Children’s Television Workshop survived. I suppose that makes sense.


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