Amazon takes away access to purchased Christmas movie during Christmas


You have been writing stuff like this about Amazon for a long time. So why are you still giving them your money without taking delivery? There is a lot to be said for cash and carry!


Do not buy streaming movies from Amazon. Check. Do the others (iTunes, Google) have similar agreements? And is there supposed to be a link in this post?


And they wonder why they can’t shut down the Pirate Bay?



There are formatting issues with the post; it’s not Cory’s story, he knows better than to buy digital media from Amazon. The first part should be in the quote box too.


So we are blaming Amazon for Disney still being a greedy bastard after all these years…

If Amazon wanted to have any Disney content I’m sure this was the best “deal” Disney would offer them.


Yes… but Amazon could make the terms clear to the end user. I guess a gold button labeled “Buy license to sometimes view content at our and rights-holder’s discretion” wouldn’t have the same oomph.


I just very tentatively stuck my foot out into the Kindle world and bought like, two books. Not after this.


Sounds like I need to start paying merchants by providing them with a limited license to some of my EULACash, subject to certain terms and conditions including but not limited to revocation at any time.


Cory: “Well it’s Christmas time again, and you know me, the ever optimist. So again I bought some on-line DRM content from Amazon and once again I got burned.”

Dude, you are global internet icon. Loved the George “Fool me once, fool me twice” but really, you do this once every three months. Every year. For the last three years. With the same result. Fine line between Optimist vs Just Dim.

DRM is bad. Buy it in a medium that you can own it and keep it. So far Cloud Data has been a bust (think of all the music services that are gone with your money) and in your case, Amazon, yet again, screwing users.

So can I suggest in this holiday season of people digging the same hole you have, that you come out in full force against this nonsense? Nice that Amazon gave you a pass (oh yea, Cory, internet Icon!) but for Joe, that’s not going to happen.

Happy Holiday!


Yeah, you’re no longer buying these things - you’re ‘licensing’ them for ‘viewing’ - it’s more akin to a rental or lease. You’re paying for permission to view it while it’s available, they choose when it’s available. All streaming media is this way now. But that IS the difference with the iTunes store (so far), at least concerning music, books, and movies. Even if they get pulled from the store you still own them. TV shows I am less sure about.

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I like kindle books. Their DRM (if there is any) is ridiculously easy to strip.


This sort of thing is why I still don’t trust any cloud or streaming sorts of things, and still feel more comfortable with media that’s either a physical object in my possession (paper, CD, DVD, etc.) or a file on my computer’s disk under a filesystem that lacks any (known) back doors where a third party can force its deletion.


It’s not Cory’s story, it’s from reddit. See comment above. There’s a formatting problem with the post.


Okay, seriously, can we get some kind of Hippocratic Oath for professional programmers?

  1. I’ve always had a problem with this digital goods malarkey, I mean they are almost always just as expensive as the physical media version (haven’t tried Kindle yet, so I’m unaware of a price break with printed media), or more expensive than easily found used version, often on Amazon themselves or if you’re blessed with a good CD/Game Exchange-type used retail store…

  2. I don’t fully grasp the convenience factor for most forms of consumption. For an e-reader, I suppose I do, but for everything else it seems more user friendly if you have it on disk because meemaw and peepwaw probably don’t have a media server but probably do have a DVD player. Also it is my understanding that if you own a license to the original media then you are legally entitled to a digital version so you can rip it yourself or just d/l a copy. Then you can take your media with you in whatever format you prefer.

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Shouldn’t the post title be “Disney takes away access…”

I love the Disney apologist stance from the Disney digital-culture ambassador. I’m surprised there isn’t a link to buy Haunted Mansion memorabilia on a gaudy advertisement sidebar. Just another reminder of why I find myself visiting here less and less.


Wait Cory didn’t already know this?

I don’t know. I just think a noticeable warning like a half screen skull and bones with a “you don’t own this and we can take it out of your library whenever we feel like it” caption should pop up before you can finalize your purchase. Seems reasonable to me, though I’m somewhat sure Amazon and Disney would disagree.


I’m sure if Amazon wanted, they could have negotiated a better deal. Sony certainly wanted access to the wider distribution. They both suck equally here.