Amazon wants more HQs... and honors the Smythe home, in Chagrin Falls, USA


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the the home of the Smythes, of Chagrin Falls, USA, is selected as an additional Amazon HQ.


I thank gawd that Amazon bypassed Austin. While we’re doing OK, still, we’ve got enough problems.


So can he just call up eBay and offer them a back door?



There go we but for the grace of Amazon. Sorry, Tyson’s Corner and Long Island.


It trips me out everytime I see someone post that gif;

I mean, I know the nature of the internet, but I never expected that one to become so popular back when I made it.


It’s endlessly useful. :+1:


This is also partly why I’m so picky about my font styles and color choices; I know my own creations, no matter how many times they get reposted or shared.


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