#AmazonHQ2: Amazon to open New York and Northern Virginia headquarters, plus new Nashville operations center


Ish. There’s not much in Crystal City in terms of other workers. And the people who live in that immediate area now aren’t the type to be pushed out by gentrification. Just look at all the condos thrown up between Crystal City and Potomac Yards and even south of Potomac Yards all the way down Route 1.

There are, however, some Hispanic areas just at the northern edge of Mt. Vernon Ave and S. Glebe as well as housing just past the bridge where you start to enter Alexandria that could be targets and I’m tempted to write to my state reps and new city council to see about ensuring those areas are protected in one way or another.


From a map I saw somewhere today (wtop?) the neighborhoods you mentioned are not going to be directly affected. In the long term who knows? Property values from CC to South of Old Town will get higher as a result. Keep an eye on Rt One development because that’s where displacement will most likely occur as gentrification pushes outward.


Then you either haven’t been around or lack imagination. When I drive down 21st St I can see those miles of auto service shops, small single story commercials strips and other low density usage being razed for much higher density mixed use with higher end retail. I live in Downtown Jersey City, and we’ve seen your future!

Our plaza of big box BB&B, Shoprite & BJ’s is being flattened for a miniature city of high rises, among all our other new high rises. Every “underutilized” lot is a candidate for scraping and maxing out to what zoning will allow. I’m ambivalent, density often brings us what is best about city life. I have friends who hate their neighborhood densifying, but love their new coffee shops and such. I think moving somewhere attractive then wanting to slam the door behind you is a bit hypocritical, if popular.

I sympathize with those who hate change, for Gods sake, you can’t even find a decent lamb gyro in Astoria anymore. At least I can’t. Sad.


Ha… I laughed at “I’ve seen your future.” I don’t hate change! But my rent could double in the span of the next couple years - I and almost everyone I know will be gone. This doesn’t feel normal, even by NYC 2018 standards. I’m also fully aware that I’ve been part of gentrifying neighborhoods in the past, even though my income as an artist puts me around the poverty line.

What upsets me is the feeling that Midtown Manhattan is colonizing the other boroughs, turning NYC of all places into a monoculture. I told a friend that living here is like falling in love with a place over and over, only to have someone come and smash that place with a hammer and replace it with a Starbucks. And repeat, and repeat. Luxury condos come in, local businesses with character die out and are replaced by the whitest, most frou-frou shit ever. Every neighborhood starts to feel the same, even a place like Greenpoint that has maintained its character for longer than anyone could expect. It’s just boring. When I fell in love with this place, I didn’t expect it to start turning into Dubai, you know? Just doesn’t sound like fun to me.


I hear you, I lived in both Chelsea & Tribeca before bugging out for JC 2 decades ago, both had their souls ripped out. And now here, even though owning eases the pain. There’s still a few unique old businesses like artisanal bakeries and inexpensive ethnic food, but perhaps not for long.


Yep, I can see that intersection from my apartment. Also, if you head into S. Arlington up Washington Blvd and Columbia Pike, which is another likely place to house some of these folks, it’s the same demographic.

And for folks who want the city and a reverse commute, DC is already having gentrification issues, and it’ll get worse.

I wouldn’t even be shocked if this causes problems southbound into VA and across the river for similar reasons of people coming in that want a bigger house. Again, areas that are ripe for fast gentrification when this starts ramping up.


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