American families must pay $11,434 more to maintain 2021 living standard

Originally published at: Skyrocketing Expenses Plunge Americans into Financial Peril

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I don’t know anyone who isn’t an ultra-high-net-worth individual who isn’t feeling the pain. One friend has come out from retirement and back part-time into a career he hated. Most of the elderly retirees I know are being hit hard by larger grocery and utility bills. I’m back to the level of comparison grocery shopping that I did just out of college.

And let’s be clear, this isn’t Biden’s fault (and wouldn’t be the fault of any President); it’s the result of Fed policy (which increased interest rates on outstanding debt balances and which is independent of the executive branch) to tame inflation and of opportunistic corporate price-gouging that tagged along when inflation was rising (and continues to do so even as inflation cools).

If right-wingers really cared about the impact of the current economy on low- and middle-income Americans, they’d be calling for subsidies and supplements even greater than those already offered by the Dems. But they’re not for the usual “free”-market fundie reasons.


As a Coloradan myself, I’m glad that my impressions regarding how ridiculous my grocery bill has become are not just confirmation bias. I did notice how low gas prices have fallen recently, but in the past 3 years, my gas consumption is way down, whereas my food consumption hasn’t really changed. And I suspect that any pay increase I receive will not match the cost of living increases this year. Sigh. I do like it here, but I don’t know how much longer this will work.


Can’t use the government to stop corporate profiteering, because the free market will take of that! (Please pay no attention to the fact that it, um, hasn’t…)


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