American prisoners coerced or tricked into providing voice-prints for use in eternal, secret, unchecked surveillance


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Thank you. You are cleared through voice-print identification.


Are voiceprints really any good? Seems bogus to me, but I’m not a security expert. I’m not even a “security expert.” However, voiceprinting low-level drug offenders seems like an odd way to catch terrorists.


If so, they are easier to get than ever before. With so many VOIP services, who owns that data? After the lightsaber, I want another gadget from Star Wars (the helmet would be great for avoiding facial recognition systems, too):


Yep, my office runs on VOIP. If they start rounding up the insurance agents, I’ll be first against the wall.

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The road to hell is paved by consultants.


it’s not really that long as passcodes go.


I called Fidelity today and one prompt asked if I wanted to use voice recognition to get answered faster.

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Next thing you know they’ll revert back to measuring prisoners’ craniums for some phrenological indication of criminal/terrorist ways.

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