America's execs increasingly believe health insurance industry is worse than useless

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There are a lot of companies who are spending in the high four figures per year per employee on health insurance, over and above what the employee kicks in.

Would they like to shed that expense?? You bet they would.


Parasites feeding on parasites which feed on other parasites…with us at the bottom of the food chain. That’s 'Murca!


If you want to see the drain, ask your doctor to bill you directly, the cash price, can compare that to what they bill the insurance companies. It is ridiculous. My deductible is so high, I just pay cash for my monthly visits. It is there if something bad happens.


Yeah, something tells me their next line wasn’t “And I’m supporting a substantial progressive personal and corporate tax package aimed squarely at my tax bracket to cover the difference!”


Wendell Potter is viewed as a traitor and pariah in the insurance industry for exposing widespread corruption and terrible business practices. He’s a national treasure and voice of reason for reform. This video is an absolute must-see:


companies like Walmart, Boeing, and GE, who have stopped paying insurers, buying services for their employees

Um…Wal-Mart’s employee health insurance plan is called “Medicaid”, and they are very expressly not paying into it.


my health insurance cost is double what it was at the beginning of the recession. Its pretty hard to recover under these conditions.


Wendell Potter is in the news again?? Jesus, who set the DeLorean to “2009”? Next you’ll be telling me Betsy McCaughey is out there lying about “death panels” in the single payer bill.


It’s interesting how much more diverse the opinions on this topic are in America when we hear from actual multi-millionaire tycoons instead of from wannabes who’ve read too much Ayn Rand (assuming they can read – if not replace with “watched too much Fox News”).


I doubt the Walmart C-suite and V-suite motherfuckers are on Medicaid.


I’ve heard it said that those direct payment prices charged by hospitals and doctors’ offices are purposely inflated to an insane degree to offset aggressive pricing contracts negotiated with insurance companies that are often not enough to cover their costs.


I think the only people for health insurance companies are the health insurance company execs, the pharma industry, and all the pols on their payroll. Everyone else? Just chuck it.

Before I ever had insurance (I went 20 years without) I always paid cash. I was poor and it hurt but that’s what I did and it really wasn’t that bad. Granted, no major issues. Once I got a job with a very decent insurance plan I was shocked at what the Docs charged back to the Insurance plan for the same procedures I had done prior with cash. It literally freaked me out that I stopped going. I had to come to terms with this whole f’d up system.


Another thing the system is doing is taking advantage of Medicaid and Medicare.

Like those mobility scooters they were literally giving away and billing Medicare, they knew they were getting fucked and it took like 6 years to end the scam.

Or my dad recently got old enough to qualify for it. He needed a new seal for his CPAP machine. They were like, you qualify for 3. He was like, “I only need 1. You want to give me 3 so you can bill for 3.”


Anyone can read Ayn Rand. That’s what it’s there for; it’s a substitute for nuanced critical thinking meant to validate the prejudices of your forebears and draw false equivalencies between success and hard work.


For a long time I have said 'murrica wont have universal health care until the big companies go fuck it we can’t afford to pay for this anymore.


In the carriers’ defense, of course they are of some use. Just that it’s a question whether the benefits outweigh the cost.

BTW: You hear how awful socialized medicine is because of the waits for procedures, etc.? Well, carriers’ approval of treatments does the same and worse by forcing wasteful treatment in order to get clearance for what’s needed. Now, if one had a lucid intellect, what the carriers do would appear worse than socialized healthcare’s failings. In fascist America, our leaders, loyal first to special interests, believe different.


Or “and therefore I will pay my employees enough to be able to fund the full cost of their healthcare themselves.”

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Thanks for the link; interesting video…