America's Fiber Future: Susan Crawford on how America's wired future is slipping away


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Remember what happened when everybody in the Soviet Union got fax machines? Yea, we’re not gonna let that happen again!


I’m sure that the invisible hand of unregulated free-market economics will sort this issue out in no time at all…


"I am confident that innovative American businesses will come up with services that use much more significant amounts of bandwidth when there is a critical mass of users with capacity. "

I am so looking forward to having 36,000 ad trackers try to latch on to my new gigabit fiber connection every time I go online. Aren’t you?


My wife’s cousin came to NYC from China in the 80s and ended up making his bones developing fiberoptic technologies in Silicon valley (well, that and buying Bay Area property in the 90s…) All his business has been slowly moving back to China, and being Internet Professionals, he keeps trying to get us to go back with him.


5G way not be the avalanche it’s been made out to be, but it’s at least an alternate to what we have, which is pretty crappy.


Crawford addresses this in the book. Short version: 5G requires fiber backhaul to actually work. And since 5G relies on a LOT of APs, each covering a small space (so that spectrum can be recycled), the fiber has to be densely deployed. No fiber, no 5G.


My Dr. says something very similar, strange…


this is what happens when infrastructure investment is redirected in to profit, which then exits the industry


Welp, I need that to be an actual history book on the Soviet Union… it would be titled something like: Faxed to the End: How the Fax Machine in the Soviet Union Encouraged Dissidents A good bit would be dedicated to samizdat texts shared by fax…


At that rate they will be finished in …


Your doctor is concerned about your backhaul, eh?


I think this is the killer argument (the one that renders all of the others moot.) Regardless of any other outcomes, this is the one that cannot be allowed to happen.


Wireless is an entirely inadequate substitute for fiber. Our political leaders are letting us down by allowing telecommunications companies to sell sawdust in place of nutritious meals.

Wireless is living within a refugee tent instead of sturdy shelter.


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