America's new aristocracy: the 9.9% and their delusion of hereditary meritocracy


Now it’s stuck in my head… but it gets there literally every time I read or hear the world “commissar”!

Alles Klar, Herr Kommissar!


You are not alone in that…


Could be worse!


I’m sorry, I don’t feel guilty for being successful.




It’s nice to see anarchists, tankies, and trots all getting along so well together in this thread.


Could be this one that the spouse has been playing too much…



Situation neatly summarised in this thread, BTW:




It’s sort of like an irregular verb.

I am getting by…
You are well-off…
He is a filthy plutocratic bloodsucker…



I’m (a) white and (b) not American, so I’m in no position to make definitive statements regarding the experience of US minorities.

However, I would note that the your view is far from universal amongst Americans of colour:

Class, race and gender; the axes of oppression. Intersectionality runs through it all.


Wow, I wonder if the dude in the video can say the same thing of Obama administration. The guy didn’t walk on water, but he did a lot of good. [edit for clarity of point] Diversity in workplace helps, just getting there is enough.


Google “Cornel West on Obama” and you’ll find a lot more on similar themes.

The socialist Black left is quite overt about their disapproval of Obama. For example:

Activists of the global south were similarly unimpressed. From an Afghan or Iraqi perspective, Obama differed little from Bush.


In the light of current administration or even Bush Jr., it’s really difficult to criticize Obama. I mean, come on.


See thread:

This is not an argument that Trump or Bush are good. It’s an argument that they’re all monstrous.


I you don’t want to change things and the shit falls apart before you are dead… whatever unpleasant corrective transpires won’t care about how guilty you feel either.

The resentful masses aren’t resentful of the top .1%; they resent the intellectual elites.


This seems relevant:


And so does this:

That meme is Mark Blyth, BTW. Worth checking out.


They only resent the intellectual “elites” because they are told to by the top 0.1%


You dare insult Noel Fielding!



Mentioning Obama and Trump under the same breath on monstrosity is false equivalency of the century. I can’t possibly process this any further.


This is the same false equivalence that gave us Bush over Gore and Trump over Clinton. An inability to see that demonizing the Center ends up with the Right in power.