Russian inequality is worse than imagined; worse than other post-Soviet states


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This won’t do. The US always strives to be #1.


Bad news for Putin apologists…


Some really telling charts at the back of the report.

But lets connect the DOTs. Russia through its corruption has a small elite that is unfathomably wealthy, and they need to launder their money through real estate transactions, real estate that Donald Trump was only too glad to provide.


Perhaps, but they appear to be immune to facts.


I guess if you’re hardy enough you can always go live off the land secretly in Siberia like the Lykov family did for 50 years.


And some of them seem to want this for the US (as long as they get to stay on top).


A lot of them simply don’t care one iota about inequality because they are more equal than the others.


This president seems bent on being a total #2


We’re working on it. Our Orange Kleptocrat and his GOP enablers first have to deal with that pesky liberal democracy thing.


'Specially that dag-nabbed librul part.

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