Trump speaks to Vladimir Putin of Russia for second time in 2 days

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Wow, that Vlad is a real micro-manager. Then again, he’s investing a ton of cash into Don’s department. I guess he feels the oversight is important.


But when Donny tells Vlad about the “biggest numbers” he’s doing these days it is deaths or viewing figures?


Both are KPIs, just tied to different parts of Donny’s bonus structure.


Boy, is he on target this month!


Eh, probably not that weird, as he’s been calling all the big oil countries lately.


Overheard from other room:

Don: “Election mumble mumble election mumble mumble mumble election”
Putin: “Relax mumble mumble”


“Russiadaddy, HELP! I killed a bunch of people and the poors are mad at me!”


It’s probably no coincidence that Barr is trying to poke holes in the Russia investigation again. None, none at all.


Do you ever get the feeling that America deserves Trump?

Trump blatantly and constantly violates the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution (a document that you might or might not recall as the highest law of the land). America does nothing.

Trump hires his daughter and astoundingly incompetent son-in-law to hang around the White House, flaunting all standards of nepotism. America does nothing.

Trump commits treason on national tv and then admits it on national tv. America does nothing.

Trump commits obstruction of justice at least six times and is caught by a special investigator. America does nothing.

Solid evidence emerges of Trump’s campaign finance violations. America does nothing.

Trump commits extortion against a foreign country for person gain. America finally opens an eye long enough to complain a bit, but then goes back to sleep.

Trump decides that the deaths of millions of U.S. citizens isn’t a big deal. America does nothing.

Trump uses a raging pandemic to funnel profits to companies he “likes” (hint hint), even while it costs more American lives. America does nothing.

Seriously, we Americans suck. We pretty much deserve every horrible thing happening to us.


If you think we have it bad here with the non-stop lies and endless promising of testing that never materializes, think about this one:

Russia only claims 94 deaths, that’s right less than 100

Imagine what we are going to find out really happened in a few years.



None of us do.

You’d be better off replacing “America” in your statement above with “Rupublicans”. See it all makes sense now.


That’s like saying people who lived in the South “deserved” to live under the Confederacy, while ignoring how many of those people were literally human livestock under said Confederacy.

Just because a fucked-up government takes charge doesn’t mean that everyone living under that government somehow did something to deserve it.


Nobody deserves Trump.
The few decades leading up to him earned him, maybe, but not deserved him.


Who wants to bet he’s blackmailing Trump with the piss tape and other things for supplies?


So what can I do to change the government of the usa that won’t be likely get me or some one I love killed between right now and next month? Cuz I feel pretty lost. Vote? Sure I’ll try when/if the chance arises … Anything else?


I find that my boss and I call each other much more frequently whenever there’s a disaster at work, too. This is completely normal behavior when this kind of relationship exists between an employer and employee.


Putin wouldn’t need to blackmail Trump with anything in particular if Trump’s businesses are dependent on Russian money.

August: Eric Trump tells author James Dodson, “We don’t rely on American banks […] We have all the funding we need out of Russia”, and says, “We go there all the time”. In May 2017, Eric Trump calls this quote “fabricated” and an example of why people distrust the media.


I think any notion of a pee tape is irrelevant. Even if it exists in HD, Trump can just deny and it will be ignored.

What Russia has over him is a thoroughly documented, exhaustively detailed accounting of just how much he is entangled in decades of corrupt, money laundering shady deals with clear incontrovertible evidence of immense amounts of illegal actions. A file that if made public would inevitably lead him and probably most of his family to jail.

I have always assumed that the day Putin decides Trump is a liability is the day that file makes it to a dozen news organizations. The utter chaos unleashed by such revelations could potentially collapse the US Republic. But first, elevate the god-king as high as possible and make his followers completely committed to his sheer unimpeachable perfection so that their very identities are threatened by any such revelations. The end result will be a significant swathe of the country repudiating any notion of legality or accountability, and the possible collapse of the legal system as a result.

In all, probably the most successful intelligence operation in human history.


So, we’re using our Chernoybl counting methods? Got it.