Russia reveals that it "was in contact" with Trump's campaign during race

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The irony of the lion’s share of America’s ‘conservatives’ (chickenshit authoritarians) being duped by the big bad Russians and their woeful stooge would have to be the most enjoyable possibility to come out of this shitstorm in hell.

I’m gonna take my jollies where I can find em. Fuck all those idiot mugs y’all seem to specialise in breeding.


Is this the time when I’m supposed to be smug?


Of course there were contacts before and during the election: Paul Manafort and Carter Page were paid by Putin to push Russia’s interests long before the oligarchs were prompted to “suggest” that their debtor hire them to help with his campaign. Future scholars will see this as one of the most extraordinary foreign policy and intelligence achievements in history.

It’s been more than 24 hours so I think it’s permitted by the “I told you so months ago” rule.


I want to post a GIF of Claude Rains sayig he’s “shocked, shocked…” but I don’t have the energy anymore.


Brave, new world.

Also: it took Ann Coulter about 2 seconds to show up on international media after having been defacto blacklisted for years.

And now for something completely unwanted, an Ann Coulter quote:

Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute,
but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening.
– Ann Coulter

I wouldn’t want to say where she thinks we’re going.


It’s all disinformation. There’s nobody to trust anymore. If anything, this election is about the death of experts, trust, and knowledge. How is that ever regained?


This is typical of the current Russian Government. They’re simply sowing confusion and ambiguity everywhere.


It’s probably not disinformation. They simply leave it to their audience/opponent’s paranoia to create the disinformation in their own minds.


Oh no! A foreign super power has messed with your country’s politics. No one else in the world knows what that’s like…


Sorry–should’ve clarified. Putin is a star at disinformation and sites like Bellingcat and others help to push back a little against that particular dark tide. I completely believe that trump has links to the RF–I’m guessing they’re some of the few shitty banks left that will back his shitty business ideas–but I also think of the common refrain in progressive circles about how bad the media is and how they’re not telling the truth. That falls under the basic problem of a lack in trust in institutions and governance, and how we get that back, I have no idea.

Minor quibble: the RF is a regional power, they’re not, to my way of thinking, a super power any longer.


Well that’s artfully ambiguous. It could mean literally anything from ‘we spoke that one time’ to ‘the Trump model is performing above expectations, comrade[1] President.’ Honestly, it’s more likely that Trump wasn’t particularly Russian-influenced (hey, nobody saw Trump coming, it’d be odd if the Russians knew the American political situation better than the actual Americans, wouldn’t it?) and that this is Russia fucking with the American political establishment by sowing carefully tuned ambiguity. Welcome to маскировка, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh! And one more thing: You see this feeling, a foreign power with inscrutable motives screwing with your country, nothing you can do about it? Sucks, doesn’t it? Yeah? Now you know how the rest of the world feels.

[1] In this version, the Soviet Union merely engaged a country-wide stealth system.


Well, now that’s out in the open I feel a lot better.

Let’s get on to the important stuff: how do I get my name on the nascent enemies list that’s all the beltway buzz? I need to beef up my resume.


Maybe they were just sharing Netflix accounts? Maybe?

But hey, I guess having a good relation with Russia is better than another Cold War. Maybe?


[quote=“LapsedPacifist, post:12, topic:89104”]
Oh! And one more thing: You see this feeling, a foreign power with inscrutable motives screwing with your country, nothing you can do about it? Sucks, doesn’t it? Yeah? Now you know how the rest of the world feels.
[/quote]I was more concerned about the people trying to deny it didn’t happen when it obviously did, even if we will never know to what degree.

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It’s when the idiot Trump supporters in your life lose something from this: could be a house because of economic meltdown, 401k savings trashed, a child not getting insured because Obamacare destroyed and as a consequence dying horribly, it could be when you’re all in the bomb shelter waiting for the bombs - the important thing is choosing the perfect bon mot for the perfect moment.


contact in itself seems to be not that damning, and the Bloomberg article starts with “Russia said that it talked with the teams of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the U.S. presidential election as part of routine
outreach during a campaign.” not unreasonable, imho, it’s not a bad idea to learn about the possible president of an important country.

Mar­kus Ede­rer, one of the highest officials in the German foreign ministry, met Sam Clovis last month in Washington, not widely announced under clandestine conditions in an “inconspicuous cafe”. I am sure the purpose of the contact was nefarious.


Ah but that’s the beautiful part. You make noise about this and a very hurt-looking Russian official says “We were merely making sure peaceful cooperation proceeded. We were in contact with both candidates. We will not stand for such conspiracy theories.”

Best part? The fellow might actually be right. It’s not like America needs help to self-destruct. Or he may be lying. It’s impossible to tell and whatever you say, you are wrong. And by the time evidence leaks out one way or another, some other scandal will be making the rounds and nobody will care.


She’s been popping up in the UK media with terrifying regularity - both BBC Newsnight and Channel 4 News have been guilty of allowing her to spout unsubstantiated bullshit. I had rather hoped this was a last gasp for relevancy, but I now fear she is going to become even more prominent.


They can plant a warhead pretty much anywhere in the world and they’re increasingly turning up, sometimes with ships, well away from home. The Russians are even back in Africa and are playing buddy buddy with China in the South China Sea. They’re a superpower.

Although how they afford it on the back of an economy smaller than Canada’s is something of a mystery.