Trump denies his ever deepening Russian connections


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Well. Glad we cleared that all up.




He didn’t say he wasn’t a Russian asset.



so the LIAR says he never worked for Russia, hmmm


Bit of a “I am not a crook” moment there.


“For” is different than “with”.


And to be fair, a bit of a “I never had sexual relations with that women” moment as well.



So trump has never done work for Russia (perhaps), but he’s even more likely to have been a client for Russian “banking”. Would Senate republicans feel so much more confident cowardly standing by their leader if it became public that trump owed on massive loans from a Putin controlled “bank”?


No, he didn’t say that. He said he was offended.


I’m repeating myself from a thread on Trump related issues, but this answer just made me think of Rob Ford. Reporters asked him about the crack tape and he said, “I don’t use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine.” What he didn’t say was, “I have never used crack cocaine.”

Sometimes I’m just utterly baffled by why people don’t just lie. You lie all the time, why not about this?


Well you may be “offended” but you’re also probably a Russian Agent.


By which he means that’s he’s never received a W-2 from Russia.

An offer of a condo or hotel deal, a piece of Gazprom or exclusive rights to the Pee tape? Not so much.


In his mind it’s “they worked for me”

I don’t see why not since that’s been public knowledge for a very long time


That’s tantamount to a straight up confession, no?


He did say he was offended, but he first said “I never worked for Russia”.


I don’t think he would ever realize that he IS a Russian asset. Not enough brains.


Technically true-- he has always worked for himself, even now as a public servant.