Trump finally admits Russia was "helping me get elected", then denies it

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It was like this when I got here.


I love that he took down his original tweet, fixed a spelling, but kept the line about Russia helping him get elected.


And yet there are Useful Idiots and denialists who will continue to say that Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 outcome.


Makes a mountain out of a molehill.

Certainly a person can state that he had nothing to do with something without also stating that the something is true. I had nothing to do with my dog being abducted by aliens – it’s a true statement. So, wow, Trump got caught in a grievous case of awkward phrasing – what a shocker. To build this up as an admission just hurts your credibility. Trump does enough legitimately evil shit that resorting to gotcha-games over phrasing seems petty.

Let’s see if anyone in the real world takes this “admission” seriously enough to do anything beyond publishing clickbait.

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If he was anyone else and it was any other crime a tweet admitting something like that would be seen and used as evidence in court - combined with all the other already existing evidence. Exhibit 256451A.

The guy has incriminated himself so many times it barely merits a mention, except we need to mention it every damn time.

As Wanda Sykes recently said, ‘Remember the huge scandal when Obama wore a tan suit to work one day? And now we have a president in litigation with two porn stars’.


When we’ve factually established that the President was elected with the help of Russia, and then the President literally admits that he was, in fact, elected with Russia’s help, it isn’t a ‘gotcha’ game. And it’s anything but ‘clickbait’ (do you know what that term means?) It’s acknowledging that he accidentally admitted the truth in a sloppy moment of anger. And his tweet is part of the public record.


But if you made that statement in the context of a discussion about a report outlining the overwhelming evidence that your dog had been abducted by aliens then it would be perfectly reasonable to take that as a concession that the central event did indeed happen.


I’m nearly certain that it will not be possible to ‘prove’ but it remains critically parallel: “Russia helped get trump elected” and “trump was not legitimately elected president”. Since all the counterfactual arguments will be statistical it’ll always be possible to deny deny deny - but man-oh-man it’s worth at least a big fat historical asterisk in the table o’ presidents.


Makes a mountain out of a mountain.

It is a mountain that Russia helped Trump substantially in the election.
It is a mountain that Trump has denied, for years, that Russia helped Trump substantially in the election, refusing to acknowledge the mountains of evidence that US intelligence agencies heap on him.


When commenting about one of his failed projects Trump said “just because I’m the developer doesn’t mean I’m developing the project” So who knows what the heck he is talking about.


ETA I looked up the clip just to remind myself what the scene was like, and in my head every time Jan said “Marcia” I replaced it with “Russia”… it kinda worked.

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Ooof, I mean, I want the fucker impeached, and I don’t mind at all if collusion/obstruction are the means to the end. At the end of the day though, of all the forces that helped elect Trump, Russia is the least scary. And the truly scary ones he doesn’t just not deny, he embraces them wholeheartedly…



The fact that the entire Republican Party seems to be perfectly OK with Russia interfering in our elections as long as they help Republicans win is one of the most terrifying aspects of this whole ordeal.

It’s not that the Russians are messing with our shit. It’s that half the country doesn’t want to stop them.


I agree with this part - every one of Trump’s tweets are grievous cases of awkward phrasing, which makes them unreliable at every point. So yeah, getting excited by a single example is ridiculous.

However, and it’s a very big but…

That doesn’t take anything away from the core problem, which is that there is, if not overwhelming, then certainly ample evidence that Russia helped Trump get elected. Likewise, getting excited by the cumulative absurdity of Trump’s tweets, in which he is clearly projecting at all times is also understandable.
Thus the combination of both of those things is inevitably going to be somewhat irresistible.

Has anybody actually seen trump Tweeting? I mean, not a staged photo/video/sat image but, in the wild.


He’s harder to tranq and tag with a transponder from the air than one would expect.

While the physique of the trump might look strange to me and you boys and girls at home, the trump is well suited, after decades of evolution, for evasion.


It may have been luck but to interfere in an election to get a person elected then have that person begin to unravel in front of the nation is everything Russia could wish for and more.


This is the new tactic trollbots have adopted lately, the person who hates the dude but thinks you’re being unfair in pointing out the obvious. I call it “Gaslighting whataboutism”