US investigators corroborate elements of Russia dossier on Trump, CNN reports

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I love how drumpf’s people keep feeling the need to tell us that he won the election. Almost like they don’t believe it themselves.

At the same time they seem to think the presidential election is like a game of marbles. If you win you just pick them all and do whatever you want with them.

I suspect it’s more like winning the chance to be in charge of a galley. You get to steer and can treat the people at the oars however you want. But if people don’t cooperate the boat goes nowhere.


I for one am happy that there is still an investigation ongoing. I had my suspicions.

GO TEAM FED INVESTIGATORS! (Horrible cheer leader chant ik)


Keep Digging.


And so finally can we ask loudly and universally Why is this Compromised Man allowed to continue as President.

The election was compromised. Trump and Pence are OUT.


“We continue to be disgusted…” should be appropriated as the slogan of 2017.


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Because they know, with 25% of the public voting for him, he has no mandate, and that inner conscious they couldn’t completely smother is saying that to push a radical agenda would make you a shitweasel.

So they have to believe their own lies.


Wow. Never noticed, but I have that exact same pitcher. I use it for icing absinthe water, though.


Is the author of the dossier still MIA?

The part of this story that I find hardest to believe, is that Putin has facts that would embarrass our POTUS. He doesn’t seem capable of shame. Could there really be something the Angry Pumpkin doesn’t want leaked-so incriminating it might alter his judgement? I don’t think it’s possible to blackmail a grotesque.



Agreed, and I’m wondering the same thing. For a guy openly willing to talk about assaulting someone, it’s piqued my interest as to exactly what would shame him enough that he acts the way he does? Was it children pissing on him? Is he the OP of the “two girls one…” thing? Inquiring minds really really want to know.

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So I’m as distressed as anyone about the current mess we’re in, but have you thought out what you’re saying? Provided your dream came true, what would happen next?

The normal chain of command – installing Paul Ryan as president? Or would we have a new election? Or would we just install someone else? Hillary Clinton, since she won the popular vote?

I hate to say it, but I suspect all of those scenarios would cause such chaos as to be as bad as what we currently have, don’t you think?

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Note this is “unnamed sources” in the intelligence community – the same intel community that seems to be at war with Trump & his ilk. Everyone should be at least a LITTLE skeptical of “unnamed intel sources” filtered through CNN, especially given the U.S. intel community’s well-documented history of lying to the American people with the direct complicity of corporate media. Not saying the allegations aren’t true, just that no one should accept anything ANYONE says without actual, you know, evidence. The same truthiness standard we apply to Trump & Company should apply equally to other large, powerful and corrupted factions.

CNN, which favored Hillary, made $millions covering Trump’s rallies, and which actively suppressed Bernie’s candidacy through lack of coverage…they’re not likely to ever again be a trusted news source for me.


“It is about time CNN focused on the success the President has had bringing back jobs, protecting the nation, and strengthening relationships with Japan and other nations.”

Yeaaaahhhh… that’s maybe not the thing you want people focusing on when you’ve actually done fuck-all in those areas. But I guess any distraction is a good distraction when talking about how the presidency is maybe not, you know, actually legitimate.

That a number of sources for the original dossier were either murdered or jailed by the Russian government goes some way to indicating accuracy.


I’d love to see him driven out of office by a tidal wave of derision provoked by a shit-filled gross-out video.

“Opening soon: Two Girls One Trump!”


I hate to share this mental image with anyone, but the only thing i can think of is a photograph showing the actual size of his … endowment.


Dinner time! Thank you very much. Ewwwwwwww!

and you too! Damn.


The election was tainted, there needs to be a new election.

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Sadly, there is no constitutional provision for that.