Bombshell report claims Trump paid to watch hookers piss on bed where Obama slept


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OMG! I’m lulzing at work and I can’t stop. So many puns.


The #GoldenShowers hashtag on Twitter is ON FIRE.

Purely as a courtesy, Obama should outfit the presidential bed with a rubber mattress protector before he leaves.


Be proud TGOP, be very proud of your tRump!


This isn’t a bombshell because it’s exactly the sort of thing I’d expect from Trump. The only shocking thing is it was just urination.


Like America - Yuri’s nation.


I guess trickle down is a thing after all.


Welp, that’s ruined the DumpTrump hashtag for me. Pass the mindbleach.


And as usual it only really benefits the wealthy.





Not to golden shower on your parade, but stuff like this is waiting for a better-sourced story on. It’ll be easily dismissed by Trumpites and the media as more mudslinging from hatin’ Hillary-Followers.

That said, you may have missed a better headline:


Sorry, and you’re welcome.




Explains a lot.


Make America golden again!


why this proves nothing save for that the fella knows how to have a good time.


Stopped reading right there.


So tRump is a Toilet [tramp] tRump…

He’s a funny little man, ain’t he?


Even if this turns out to be 100% fabricated, the thought of him renting a hotel room specifically because it was previously used by the Obamas, and then having wild sex parties there seems completely plausible to me.


Yes, precisely Sir.