Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


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Of course he didn’t pay hookers to urinate on a bed.

We all know a Trump doesn’t pay his debts.


We ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ll say it again. He’ll bow out after four years – and blame everyone but himself for not being able to do the ridiculous things he promised to do while campaigning. He’ll say he was treated very unfairly by the press, by the democrats, and by others intent on lying.



I’ll be surprised if he lasts four days. Look at those ALL CAPS!


The reference to Nazi Germany is what I think is most noteworthy.




Fuck Twitter.

I fully expect his news conference today to be nothing but a monitor on a stand mirroring his Twitter feed.


people don’t change. neither will Trump. This country elected an infantile, immature, jackass as the POTUS.


He certainly is in a pissy mood this morning. I expect he’ll get even more unhinged as this news dribbles out and trickles into the main-stream media.

Mr. Trump…urine big trouble.


PEETUS from now on please.Thank you.



Then he won’t mind releasing those tax returns (realsoonnow) to end this once and for all. [and of course he’s fibbing]

While I’ve heard a lot of complaints from his supporters about unverified leaks and such, I have yet to hear one person standing up and claiming that any of this, from the pee to the deals with shady Russians, would be unthinkable or completely out-of-character behaviour by #nextpresident. Based on 40 years in the public eye, everyone knows what a greedy, petty, narcissistic sleazeball man-child he is.


Somebody pissed in tRump’s cereal.


He who lives by fake news, dies by fake news.

I wonder if the “Russian hookers peed on the bed” story (which I suspect has a high chance of being invented) is just a smokescreen to distract attention from anything Russia or other unfriendly powers really have on him. In a few days, after the “former British agent” is discredited and the “peed on the bed” story is traced to 4Chan or Reddit, the official line will be “Russia pulling Trump’s strings? Oh, that’s all been debunked. No truth in that at all.” What better way to sweep a real story under the carpet than by tying it to something obviously absurd?


That caught my attention also. I’m curious to know which part of this resembles Nazi Germany. What does he think Nazi Germany was like? A bunch of very unfair journalists?


control of the public opinion was an important feature of the NSDAP government, though. Streicher’s Der Stürmer is a prime example.


Almost as if he doesn’t realize who he would be in this metaphor. The last elected leader of Nazi Germany wasn’t the good guy.


I’m sure that dossier contains a lot worse stuff. Putin entrusted it to Peskov, an accomplished thug who knows what to save in the vault for a rainy day.

Also, I don’t think the Russian hookers story does have a high chance of being invented. That’s exactly the kind of childish and petulant move he’d make (“take that Obama!”). This is someone who skulks backstage at his beauty pageants, leering at p*ssys he’d like to grab.

He’s always using terms in ways that indicate he has no idea what they mean beyond “bad” or “good.”


From last night’s discussion with K. Conway on LateNight with Seth Meyers:

“Wouldn’t it be great for you personally if he tweeted a little bit less?” Meyers asked.

“No, actually, the answer is no,” Conway said. “It’s his way to communicate directly with the people. It’s free for you. You get information from him. The press doesn’t like it because he does an end run around them, and it’s the democratization of information. You don’t have to wait for some journalist, some anti-Trump journalist to curate the information and bias it.”

Control indeed.