Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


Well, not All the “Yellow Snow”:

(Rogue Ales’ Yellow Snow IPA)


And that’s how he got into the business of making a hormone!


This keeps on giving.

Who is bringing popcorn to the presser?



The adage should have been:

“Those who don’t know their history doom everyone else to repeat it.”


I’m too lazy for that. Make me the browser plug in.


The weird thing for me is that this is also just another story that fits the duality of the public reaction to Trump so well. On the one hand “power hungry sicko likes watching hookers pee” and on the other “total baller troll who gives so few fucks and is so awesomely rich that he can totally afford hot hookers to piss on the beds of his enemies.” Just like all the other trump stories that are thrown out as “look what a psycho this guy is” that are received as “look at the many examples of indefatigable champion.”

The real story here is the blackmail, but the trending hashtag is about piss, not foreign government control. I actually feel bad for all the good people who just happen to be golden shower fetishists out there.


That’s one good brew!



One of Hitler’s opponents in the Nazi Party, Otto Strasser, told OSS interrogators that the Nazi dictator forced Geli Raubal to urinate and defecate on him.

Also this won’t be the first time DT called for leaks.


Well, the fact that we’re all talking about the pissy part and not really focussing on the Russian part, which is by far the bigger bombshell, indicates that the rest of us don’t have much room to criticize him for being an infantile, immature jackass.


All trump needs to do is produce some sort of evidence that proves he wasn’t even in Russia when this story was supposed to have happened. He has to otherwise he’ll be hounded about this for his entire term. People will bring it up every chance they get, no matter how preposterous the story actually is and how many witnesses say he had nothing to do with it. Without some sort of paper documentation certifying what he claims is true he’ll surely have to hear about this over and over and over and over and…



I think its a shame he didn’t just admit that he paid them to urinate ON HIM. He should have owned it.

“Yeah I paid for that…I’m into watersports!!! Don’t judge me for my kinks dammit!! We were consenting adults, urine is sterile. HEY! You all watched the 2 girls one cup video right?! Be happy that I am not into that!!! Sheesh. I thought this was the modern accepting America? You’re gonna shame me for my fetishes?!”

Clearly he missed an opportunity.


Kind of a tossup between that and his pointing to Russian refutations of American intelligence reports as proof of his lack of connections to Russia.


My dear alt-right colleagues. I regret to inform you - that wasn’t warm liberal tears in your mug.


Donan the Barbarian: “Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the urination of their women.”


“Bobby and I weren’t shoplifting, Mom! Look - Bobby was just here and he says we weren’t!”

I went to Chipotle and they were out of brown rice! What is this? Nazi Germany?


Well gee that’s a shame. A shame, I say.


Can someone explain to me what’s the scandal in here? Maybe I’m naive, but I always thought what’s going on in other ppls bedroom should be no ones business.


What’s the over/under on how many times Trump says “unfair” or “unfairly” in this press conference. I swear … Joe the Plumber was in a better position to assume the presidency than this clown. I hope he goes down in flames.