Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


If you’re just talking about the pissing stuff, that’s something that makes him open to blackmail, even if it isn’t illegal.

If you’re talking about the other stuff in the report, that’s treasonous.

Funny that litigation-happy Trump hasn’t threatened to sue BuzzFeed yet.


That’s not the news anyone should be focusing on – the news is that he was involved in the Russian attempting to influence the election, partially because they had evidence of him doing some embarrassing things.


I think there is a requirement that the other people have permanent possession of the bedroom, before they do things to the mattress that a lot of other people might object to sleeping in.


He doth protest too much methinks.


I think we can all agree that the Nazis have generally received bad press.



The scandal is that another country, Russia, is saying that they have compromising information on the President Elect of the United States of America.

That compromising information can be used to make the President of the United States do things that would not be advantageous to the citizens of the United States.

You know in movies when the bad guy takes the good guy’s daughter hostage and makes the good guy put down his gun and give up? It’s like that.


Without some sort of paper documentation…

I think we need the Long Form Certification.


Also, his economic entanglements in Russia, which during the election he claimed he did not have.


Yeah sorry … I’m forgetting some aspects of this shit show even in real time.


And this is why historians, as a rule, hate the history channel.


Streaming media, as it were.


Oh, no worries! It wasn’t a criticism, more an addendum. The shitshow is so sprawling and spectacular, that there is literally no way we can all hold on to all the details.


Isn’t that right before the bit where the President gets relieved of duty?


Memo to PEETUS: it was a fire, not a flood, at the Reichstag. Stay focused, sad!


I haven’t read the whole report, to be honest. What I noticed though is that everyone seems to be focusing on the golden shower part.

As for the blackmail value, let me repeat it like I was five, just to make sure I got it right.

So because some people make a big deal of certain sexual fetishes, keeping those fetishes a secret becomes important, thus making it possible to blackmail people about their fetish, right?

Wouldn’t it then completely destroy the blackmail value if we just agreed that everyone can have hookers peeing everywhere (or other fetishes), because hey - whatever bloats your goat?


We’re on the same page on this, me and you … Other things too I believe.


It seems it is not what it seems.


Donald, clearly urine over your head on this one.


Um. The likelihood of the Russian Federation (currently run by That Oh So Super Nice, Definitely Not A Wanna-Be Imperialist, and Definitely Not A Murderer, and Even More Definitelyier Not A Person Who Is Funneling Russian Federation Cash Into The Pockets Of His Friends And Family, and Most Certainly Someone Who Only Sends Well-Marked Military Forces Into Neighboring Countries As A Last Resort, Vlad Putin) holding compromising information on the President Elect? The President-Elect’s continuing lies about his dealings with and within Russia?

Damp, lukewarm, stinking yellow flames. :wink: