Trump ranting on Twitter that he didn't pay hookers to piss on his bed


announcing this more or less openly is a new one, but it would surprise me if any intelligence service does not try to collect kompromat on important politicians. imo the scandal is less the Russian data but Trump’s ignorance/unwillingness to even think about this as a possible problem


Russia must be experiencing some severe buyer’s remorse.


Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. Because almost every headline regarding this incident I read lately focused on the “hookers pissing on the bed”-part.

Then again, I live in Germany, and of course in my own filter bubble.

If only the DNC had not fucked Bernie over like they did, maybe we wouldn’t have to deal with Trump then, eh.


Yep! Of course, this stuff still hasn’t been fully vetted, even if the sources are credible. We’ll see if something comes out of it at the end of the day.[quote=“Sigmund, post:58, topic:92744”]
It seems it is not what it seems.

I’m not sure how many times this can be debunked, but go look at the other thread on this topic. Mother Jones had the documents months before this guy claims to have made it up.


They peed on his rug.


Yeah, this has been posted more than once and is hilariously stupid. The report comes from June, and /pol/ posted in November.

It’s also the dumbest attempt to argue ever: “we made a bunch of fake news, and then it got dumped on the internet where even the source is treating it as unverifiable bunk but entertaining, so therefore our actions tarnishing Trump won’t tarnish Trump!”


On the positive side, this “proves” that someone on 4chan has mastered time travel.


Great Googlie-mooglie!


That’s a shame; it really tied the room together.


Sinking in, not sailing upon, the frothy tide of history.


[quote=“Akimbo_NOT, post:20, topic:92744”] (Quoting K. Conway)
You don’t have to wait for some journalist, some anti-Trump journalist to curate the information and bias it.

…and the result? The press is curating and interpreting his tweets instead of his verbal statements.


Donnie, you’re out of your element.


First, not my quote. It was K. Conway’s.

Agreed. Today will be a temporary departure of that.


My constant sentiment for the possible next four years:


Eww. You mean he is into poop stuff too?


This fucker can’t do a goddamn thing without his kids at his side. I bet they were watching him getting peed on.


Person 1: Your chain of sources and evidence is not completely verified, therefore definitely “FAKE, MADE_UP NEWS” In fact made up by a channer to trooollll youuuuu, pppwwwwnnnnndddddsdswddfdddd!
Person 2: What’s your source/evidence for this?
Person 1: …An anonymous channer?



“Why would I pay hookers to pee on my bed when I am perfectly capable of doing that myself!”


Not down with the OPP??