Man cleans filthy bathroom at national park, then sends Trump $28 bill


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tRumpus said the checks in the mail.

{note sadly the sarcasm}


That’s also not how employment works. Can’t even blame Trump for that.


Thick, fetid slices of irony all around in that Trump had undocumented immigrants cleaning toilets at Mara-lago.


This is basically the same as the bum who wipes a filthy rag over your windshield at a red light and then demands payment. I do appreciate the people who have enough civic pride to try to keep stuff going during the shutdown, but I think we need to make this whole thing more painful not less. Trump and Congress just don’t seem to be feeling any pain from the impass even though there are federal workers who aren’t able to pay their gas bill during this cold and snowy January. They’ve become completely disconnected from the common man.

Annoyingly, the best news is that apparently Trump is seriously considering stealing money from under-resourced disaster relief funds to pay for his solution to his own manufactured crisis. This is only good because it will be tied up in the courts forever so the money might not be wasted in the end.


That first image is pretty obviously a Chinese squat toilet. I bet they’re popular in the States.


You never know what you’ll find in a National Park.


Obviously we need to replace the whole government revenue and expenditure system with GoFundMe drives.

Pay whatever you want for whichever public services you want! /s


I don’t think this guy was seriously expecting to get paid? His wife is the governor of Oregon, so this is more of an act of protest/politics.


Wow, he went to extraordinary lengths to troll trump. I mean, where did he even get a $28 bill?


But it is still wasted money. Maybe not billions, but it still costs money. Courts, lawyers and all their hangers-on cost money. The government pays for this direct from tax payers. Every time Trump does something stupid that requires a legal challenge to stop, it’s a little sip out of your champagne glass. The US could do with a government that stops wasting money by doing patently unconstitutional things.


looks like the good deed wrapped in a joke ( some political theater ) went way over some people’s head.


There may be a silver lining if Trump faces criminal charges for freezing disaster relief funding through frivolous litigation when the money could have been used to save lives.

I’m going for unhinged optimism for the rest of the day. Sometimes I just need to.



If I were the congressperson representing this man, I would pay it personally out of my own pocket and submit this expense to my campaign manager, as that would be the best $28 spent for that purpose.


I’ve been paid more to clean less. The bill could fairly have been a lot bigger. And yes, he won’t ever see the money, but the point is there’s a valuable lesson in civics Trump hasn’t learned and doesn’t want to. Maybe the kids will pick something up from this.


yeah good luck with that, he didn’t pay me for all my hard work filthening up those bathrooms I don’t think he’s going to reward you either.


Seriously? You used that picture?

Why dis the parks and Oregon with the picture, and say, not a link to this toilet paper?


As an alternative to paying the man $28, Trump could have him arrested for violating the Antideficiency Act. Voluntarily doing the government’s job is illegal.


Fortunately, that would require a knowledge of the law on the part of the Trump administration.