Trump used $258,000 from charity to settle lawsuits involving his for-profit businesses

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God can it be November already? Please.
Cause jeezus how much more ashamed to be an American can I get? Sadly I bet a fuckton more before then and after.


Still waiting for someone to find dead underage hookers in the basements of all his buildings.


Net national shame’s been steadily increasing since mid Aug. Sadly, I don’t think we’ve hit peak shamefulness yet.


It worked out so well that he pulled another twenty grand out of his charity to buy a painting of himself!*


  • Trump 2016!

I have become UNcomfortably numb.

If exactly what you said came to pass, I don’t know if I would be more horrified by the discovery…

… or by the fact his supporters would consider it a point in his favor :cry:


The logo on that check, the one with the interlocking “T’s” – haven’t seen that one before. Nice design… But I feel like it’s missing something. Maybe put it in a circle. Add some color… Red maybe?



Can I get that mb in a circle of white on a red arm band?
make the Drumpf logo blue to make it more 'mrrrikkkahn?
polish up yer jackboots boys!

I thank FSM I have Canada


So, people, if you’re going to sue this guy please do it before he has total access to the tax base.


I guess he’s going to be able to enjoy that sweet prison care he’s been going on about.


He didn’t “may have” violated the law. He absolutely violated the law. On self-dealing the law is simple and unambiguous.

Sadly, no, he won’t do ninety days for this. It’s only a violation. The penalty is you lose your nonprofit status, which might mean all of this year’s donors can’t deduct their donations. Does the Trump Foundation have more than one donor?

EDIT: The Pam Bondi case looks to me like it might be prosecutable fraud, but with this story he can still say “oops.” The IRS doesn’t like to lose, so they only prosecute fraud if the evidence is ironclad.


What worries me if that happened is that the orange fucker somehow still wouldn’t get charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one.


What I don’t get is why was he doing that. He is a billionaire. $ 200K have to be mere peanuts for him. Is he so greedy? Lazy? Unorganized?


Let’s face the appalling truth…that’s now been validated by months of revelations leading to rising poll numbers: Trump supporters couldn’t care less about this or any other loathesome behavior by their guy. It just doesn’t matter to them. A significant part of the “voting American public” has now found a standard-bearer for the vile hatreds, stupid jingoism, bigotries, and utter ignorance they’ve allowed to take over their lives and minds. They’re looking forward to having someone in the White House who talks and behaves like them…thus freeing them to openly “be themselves.”

Trump is just a symptom of a serious sickness in the culture. History has been full of Trump-like creatures. The people who now support him – with a few exceptions – are where the disease resides.


Or, as americans sometimes say, if they have an “axe to grind” they’ll find a way.
Because the IRS are themselves.

What kind of maniac decides that not filing your taxes is a jailable offense, anyways?


I’ve worked there, so I know a few things. One is that it is very very hard to get yourself jailed. Getting behind on your taxes won’t do it. You pretty much have to refuse to pay and shout, “come get me coppers!” Either that or sell tax evasion schemes to others. They hit those guys like a ton of bricks, so don’t.

Oh, and as for not filing, most people are due a refund. You won’t even get a letter if you fail to claim your refund. If they think you owe, and it goes on 5-10 years they might prepare a substitute return on your behalf, but it’s going to be the worst possible tax return. You think they’re going to remember all your deductions?


Sadly, I concur.


Seconded. I believe that means the motion carries.


Let’s not forge the system has forged a comical fanaticism that has never been seen in this country since the Civil War since 2000. The senate and house are nearly 100% “us or them,” and the presidential election of 2016 is just a drop in the bucket of the polarity the media has staked their financial successes on. There’s a reason the past 19 years has only made party politics worse and worse with each election.