Here's the giant $20,000 portrait Donald Trump commissioned of himself with charity money


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I’ve heard people start to use the old lie that a Trump presidency would be survivable as long as he surrounded himself with smart people to make the real decisions, but of course the people he surrounds himself with are going to be other scam artists, like the painter who did that for $20K.


I quit painting too early.


no, you chose the wrong subjects:( who could have known.


Can I retroactively claim this as a Trump Portrait™ ?



It’s all yours, for the taking.


I hadn’t realized that the painter in question is Michael Israel, who I’ve seen a few times at various events. He’s a speed painter whose work ends up looking kind of crappy and impressionistic, but it’s more about the performance than the painting; he often paints the subject upside down in 5 or 10 minutes while spinning the canvas around and painting with brushes in both hands, dancing to rock tunes, and at the end will turn the painting right side up to reveal it.

His most famous painting is his John Lennon, which he does a lot.


Is it too soon to nominate <a href=>David Farenthold for a Pulitzer? At the very least we can read about some of trump’s other financial shenanigans while he deports 11 million people and upends all of our international treaties.


Also, the “canvas” is an architectural drawing, not an inkjet of the photo. Because get it?

…but I thought that was the $10k picture he bought with his charity’s money, not the $20k one…


It would be more appropriate to have “Pricasso: The Man Who Paints With His Penis” make a portrait of the Lord of the Tang.

google it.


This article says the artist is Havi Schanz.


I’m sure I’m not the only person to point to this story as more evidence that this man is highly skilled at spending other people’s money. Isn’t that what we want in a politician?


There may be more than one painting being discussed here, but the 6’ high painting he paid $20k for was by Israel, according to this article and others.


Disappointed! I wanted to see The Donald in a Napoleon costume!


I like this one


That’s not a very realistic picture, it’s all out of proportion. The hands should be much smaller.


Fake. Hands are too big.


god damn it! you beat me to this.


You’re right, two different portraits of himself, both bought for “charity”. I haven’t been able to find a picture of the Israel portrait and the artist himself doesn’t have any photos.


Sure “inkjet print on canvas with some crude detailing applied on top” sounds like a cop-out, but if I was the artist I wouldn’t want to spend any more time than necessary looking at that mug either.