Donald Trump used $20K worth of charitable donations to buy a 6' tall painting of Donald Trump


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My first awareness of the term “Fuckery” came from one of John Oliver’s segments on bad behavior by cable companies.

The term is perfectly applicable to Herr Drumpf’s routine, daily activities.


$20K is a bargain when you factor in the cost of the paint; that particular shade of orange is made from powdered orangutan. Also, the artist was ordered to find out what kind of frame Louis XVI had on his official portrait and make sure Trump’s had at least 3 times as much gold in it.


He’s just a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible person.


BTW, I try not to wish bad things on people. This guy tests my resolve daily.


But is is the best horrible out there. THE BEST! There no horrible to compare to the AMAZING HORRIBLE of the Trump!


They’ll call it “Donald Boarding”.


Did the foundation hire the artist who did Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters 2?


Well, it’s certainly good that the media is obsessed with the horrors of the Clinton Foundation, an actual A-rated charity that’s involved in saving lives worldwide, rather than this fuckwit’s history of lawbreaking for personal profit.


You forgot a few horribles.

He cares so much about the American people that he’s done ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING FOR THEM since the day he was fucking born.



Okay. Now it’s official. Trump has the mind of a 12 year old.

Also, what a wonderful image for a meme :slight_smile:


Tell me why this person should be president.


So he is supporting the arts? I mean, art is subjective, right? It isn’t a Picasso, but it is better than than say Piss Christ. :wink:


could we put Donald in a bottle of urine?

for Art’s sake?


1/3 of his supporters: "Because he’ll kick out the Mexicans and Muslims! And build a GREAT WALL!"
1/3 of his supporters: "Because he isn’t Hillary."
1/3 of his supporters: “For the lulz”


I’d prefer that he did nothing for me. If he did anything for me, he’d only fuck me over.


Somehow I’m looking for more.


Yes we can! Art is subjective. Is is art? Yes. Is it GOOD art? Depends.


I’m probably not the only one hoping that the lack of posts here regarding Hillary’s water-spitting and falling-over means that it is all a genuine non-story that we can all forget about and not a sign that Trump will end up running unopposed.

a 6’ tall portrait of Donald J Trump ($20,000)

Is that like the cardboard cutout that the Trump University graduates got to pose with…?