Trump Foundation supports anti-vaxx movement


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To be fair, he thought he was just giving money to her because she looks good in yoga pants.


So they’ve actually proven that the Trump Foundation has actually given away money? I’d be interested in whether that cheque was actually cashable.


Of course it does. From anti-vaccinism to Global Warming denialism to racism to sexism and beyond, Trump supports all the best awful things.*

  • Trump 2016!


Important note: Trump himself did not contribute a single cent of that $10k.

Which, I suppose, strangely means he got it right? Sort of?


Trump’s down with OPM.

Other People’s Money.

Not a dime from that orange anus.


Trump probably doesn’t know squat about vaccines or the anti-vaxx crowd, he just saw “ex Playboy bunny” and immediately wrote a check (and was disappointed he couldn’t give it to her by slipping it under her bra.)


Assuming he didn’t?


Oh come on, it’s not that dangerously stupid. At worst it would merely expose humanity to ravaging deadly plagues.


After he publishes his Tax Returns, ask for his Vaccination Records.

Try not to cough on him and look sick as you ask. :slight_smile:


This is what, the 47th most reprehensible thing about Donald Trump at this point?


Help me with this. I have never visited one of these no doubt very ethical and moral establishments to check, but I have worked with fine people in the sales force who have, for strictly business reasons*, and I thought the point was that the women there didn’t actually have bras on?

*People from military procurement seem to like to do business in places where they are quite sure that the waiting staff do not have hidden microphones. They take our security very seriously.


Every time I see this sign, I think of an admonishment to Joanie not to move in with Chachi.

(Boo all you want. Sometimes you have to do something just for yourself and I crack me up.)


It depends how far into the show they are. Although I believe in most places there are strict no-touching policies.


A question … if you don’t pay any taxes in this country, why are you a citizen? You get services oh gee like the our men and woman in the armed forces. And if you are not paying does that make you un patriotic, a deadbeat, and /or a non-citizen?

Just wondering…


Not paying your taxes definitely makes you unpatriotic in my opinion. Shows a distinct contempt for the country you rely on for infrastructure and security and basic services.


Unless you’re poor and cant afford it.


Trump’s been on the anti-vaxxer bandwagon for a long time:


Another simple solution to a complex problem.


He probably thought she was almost as hot as he finds his daughter…