Donald Trump is an anti-vaccine autism truther who doesn't understand science


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Trump the Chump

What is this I don’t even


“Donald Trump is an anti-vaccine autism truther who doesn’t understand science”

Just add that to Trump’s long list of fucking stupidity.


It was certainly cringe-worthy watching him try to talk over the two actual medical doctors on stage to explain that he understood this topic so much better than them. (Of course, even the doctors were far more wishy-washy on vaccines than they should have been so they wouldn’t alienate the Republican base.)


The Obama administration famously prided itself on evidence-based policy making, particularly in areas such as science or public health.

It looks as if Trump is shaping up to deliver an administration based on evidence-free policy making.


Looks to me like he is shaping up to deliver a Clinton/Biden (or, long shot, Biden/Sanders) administration as far as I can tell. Crazy works with the base but will terrify most people.

Or so I hope.


Trump may not be the president we want, but he’s certainly the president we deserve.


We’ve had so many instances — people that work for me, just the other day. Two years old, 2 ½ years old, a child

He has two-year-olds working for him? I guess that makes sense. Although with the amount of “losers” and “haters” on his Twitter I’d have thought 13-year-old girls, instead.

Also I’m in a really bad mood so can someone ‘shop a big ol’ dick into that gif plz.


US Surgeon General Jenny McCarthy.


Apparently, you can’t vaccinate against stupid.


Oh gawd, I had someone argue at me today that he’s smart (smarter than anyone else I know, even) because he’s made billions… LOL, WHUT, no.


What are you, some kind of Paedophile serial killer?


I most certainly do not deserve a president this incompetent at everything.

@rocketpj: Sanders/Warren, thankyouverymuch.


September 17th, 2015: Dear Diary. Today, the nightmares began.


It’s tempting to say that one should refrain from posting animated gifs of horses defecating because it lowers the level of discourse and we should strive for some level of decorum in discussion of politics. But I guess that line was crossed long ago and a mighty castle erected there. Sigh.

Trump, and everyone else, will say whatever will get more votes. What he personally understands about science seems to be well beside the point.


Individually, I’m sure you don’t deserve President Trump. Collectively though, we certainly do.




Isn’t the anti-vaccination camp primarily liberal democrats or independents? Why are the republicans jumping onto this wagon? Is it just because they hate science so much that they just want to contradict everything it says regardless of evidence?


… I’ll take it.


That’s often said, but it doesn’t seem like it from the evidence (to save some clicks, here is the source).