Here's the giant $20,000 portrait Donald Trump commissioned of himself with charity money

Fair point; I can’t be mad at the artist who conned a con.


Coincidentally, in the same web-gallery as my earlier image is a photo-collage of a friend of mine

NOTE: probably NSFW due to semi-exposed paint-covered wang(s)

I documented a performance wherein he painted with his penis; all the layers in the collage are from that performance.

I am sad to say that I gave him the d**n idea, so had to follow through with the documentation. Thank G-d I didn’t have a zoom-lens.

When he loaded paint onto his, uh… brush it looked like he was f**king the paint cans.


That’s a great write-up by the artist; thanks.

That’s the other painting Trump bought with other people’s money. He’s done this twice now. IIRC the original article the painting shown in OP wasn’t commissioned. It was bought already completed at a charity auction. The original article featured a photo of the painting at the auction, and a high res photo from the artists website. So I’m not sure what the point is here. Though it does provide an answer to the question of where these paintings went. Confirms its on display at one of Trump’s commercial properties.

There don’t appear to be any photos available. Though I recall seeing a photo of some sort. And this:

Is apparently a “re-creation” of the Isreal Trump painting Isreal did more recently.


Okay, to be clear, because we’re saying basically the same thing, there are two paintings:
• A 6 foot high “speed painting” by Michael Israel done in 2007 and sold at a “charity” auction (paid for by Trump’s own charity) to Melania Trump for $20,000.
A smaller square painting (the one at the top of this article) by Havi Schanz sold to Trump at another “charity” event in 2014 at Mar-a-Lago (again paid for by Trump’s own charity) for $10,000.


That looks like a Basquiat… but the link doesn’t say what it is…? Do you know if it is or not.

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He will surround himself with people that he won’t listen too. Plus, they’ll all be the same kind of assholes that he is.


Reminds me of


Oh. It’s my website. It’s mine.


Oh! Derp. My bad. It does remind me of Basquiat, though. Take it as a compliment, mayhaps?


And they share a love of having a private air force, and of gaudy gold fixtures and decoration. If SH were still alive, Trump would be praising him as a strong leader of discerning taste.

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It just occurred to me that maybe Trump has the orange spray tan because he wants it to look like he’s made out of gold.


Well technically “smart person” and “scam artist” are not mutually exclusive (e.g, though a Trump presidency and the survival of our species are.

It great the this has sparked lots of debates and interest about Trump… Please don’t forget about Home Safe, the charity that protects homeless and abused infants and kids.

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can someone with better photoshop skills than myself make this into a mugshot/wanted poster for war crimes, fraud, unfair housing practices, inciting violence, incest, plagiarism, tax evasion, using excessive spray tan, theft, hate crimes, disproportionate body parts, treason, building a wall without a permit, perjury, being an asshole, etc.

So, if I’m reading this right, MichaeI Israel donated his services on behalf of Homesafe.

I’ll paint the portrait of anyone who wins the auction.

Donald Trump wins the bid, Homesafe gets 20,000, Trump gets the portrait. The only wrinkle is the Foundation, which, I assume is set up to funnel moneys from Trump, to causes that Trump deems worthy. It seems a hamfisted way of doing things, but maybe there are tax advantages.

(I figure that most charitable foundations are set up for the purpose of justifying ones social life, and the actual charities benefit from the largesse of people who don’t like to remain anonymous)

It’s set up to funnel money which appears to come from Trump but actually comes from other people, to causes that will then spend money on Trump company services, so that Trump makes money out of pretending to be charitable.

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That’s how charity auctions work. People donate products or services to the charity, which auctions them off. However, you can’t deduct “donations” you give in return for products or services, because that isn’t a donation, it is a purchase. (You can deduct the amount above fair market value of the product or service, but unique or rare items can be hard to value accurately, and you may have to defend the valuation at an audit.)

The Trump Foundation is a charitable foundation funded, since 2008, entirely by other people’s money, not Trump’s. He has given zero money to the foundation since then. It is illegal to use the charitable funds to buy stuff for Trump, or his business, or pay off Trump’s personal or business debts with the charitable corporation’s charitable funds. Doing so should be considered straight up embezzlement of funds that are required by law to be used for charitable purposes; but Trump is rich, so he gets to pay a fine he can easily afford, and only if and when caught, which, if not for recent media attention, it seems he never would have been. The way around those rules is not for the charity to directly buy or give away money on Trump’s behalf, but to pay out “salaries” to directors and employees, and to buy services for the charities activities via Trump business. But Trump couldn’t even be bothered to stick to the usual subterfuges.


I think I get it. So the artist’s style is to imitate poorly exposed, low-quality photos of the “toy camera”/Holga variety? If he upgrades to imitating Instagram filters, he should be a billionaire soon.

Have to say I’m impressed Trump actually paid him, but on the other hand, that might be because it wasn’t actually his money …