Trump to Guggenheim: lend me your Van Gogh? Guggenheim: Nah, howbout a gold toilet instead?


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Dolt-45’s response: “I already have 5 of those. More elegant and beautiful than yours, believe me. Sad!”


Adolescent art for the adolescent President. It works, I guess.


Well played Guggie, well played!



This is Hall of Fame level trolling.


Sort of? It IS right up his alley…


I love the art world so much right now.

Also: wouldn’t a Dutch painter who never visited the United States be a little off-theme for the White House? I mean, the President could presumably get a John Singer Sargent or Edward Hopper or Jackson Pollock or Jean-Michel Basquiat, or even a painter who at least exhibited work in the United States like Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo.


That made me laugh.

ETA: Frida Kahlo


Assuming he knew who they were. Van Gogh is probably the only name of an artist that he knows and I’ll bet he thought it would make him look good in some way. Or someone set him up to ask so the Guggenheim could nail him. He’s so fucking dumb it hurts.


I know, I just didn’t want to imply that all the worthy painters out there were white men.


To be fair most Home/ Office air conditioning systems are not designed to allow valuable paintings to be hung anywhere, so I doubt a museum would have let any president have it. Temperature and humidity swings are killers. They just recently upgrade some of the White house’s climate systems, but I doubt that they are museum grade.

I believe gold toilets can handle harsher enviroments

Here is a photo of the control panel for the A/C from the Truman days. Found on


I too think that Trump should limit himself to AMERICAN artists for the White House. In fact, I would suggest the most American of artists, Norman Rockwell, and specifically his most American painting…The-problem-we-all-live-with-norman-rockwell

GOP Senate candidate says women have the right to make him a "home cooked dinner every night at six"
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Why doesn’t Twump just hang that “Renoir” he boasted about owning?

I’m sure the Art Institute of Chicago will never reveal the “Renoir” is fake.


What’s going on there?


He’d never do that…because OBAMA already had that painting in the White House.

And for other reasons, too, but even if he really wanted it for some reason, the stain of OBAMA on it would keep him away like garlic/vampire.


Il Douche’s fellow man-child thinks that Norman Rockwell is a conservative in the modern American sense of the word. Right-wingers look at the famous painting of a Thanksgiving feast not understanding that it’s called “Freedom from Want”, one of the four things FDR declared to be universal basic rights (the others being freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and freedom from fear).


I can guarantee you that he wanted a Van Gogh because:

  1. It was done by a white man
  2. He heard the name and thought it sounded “classy”
  3. Back in 1990 one his paintings held the record for the most expensive ever sold.


Even given the use it will get from Trump?

(I doubt Maurizio Cattelan will want it back after this)


Is this a common thing, for sitting Presidents to ask if they can borrow actual original pieces of art from national museums?

Or is this just Trump thinking “Hey, I’m da fuckin President, I can do all kindsa shit now. They gonna say ‘no’, I don’t think so. Now where’s that endangered white rhino steak I ordered?”