Trump pays $2 million fine for stealing from his charity

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Now hold on a minute…he may have been fined $2M but where is the proof that he actually paid it?


Yeah, this probably means that they paid someone $10/hr to sit in front of a computer screen and take the training for them.


Probably an undocumented worker.


Which means they just threatened to call ICE on them and didn’t pay them shit. They always find a way.


Just to clarify, Trump didn’t pay shit. The judge just forced the charity to use the funds (donated) as expected.

EDIT: as pointed out below, I am mistaken here. It was his $2 million.

The foundation, which has been shut down, also distributed the $1.8 million left in its coffers to the eight charities, giving them each a total of $476,140.41. The charities are Army Emergency Relief, the Children’s Aid Society, Citymeals on Wheels, Give an Hour, Martha’s Table, the United Negro College Fund, United Way of the National Capital Area, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I wonder if he was holding onto the $1.8 million when he found out exactly what charities were in line to get the money and blew his top. “You mean the poors, children, the blacks, and the jews are getting this?!?!?! Screw that, I’m going to go buy more tacky paintings and sports memorabilia.”


In a moderately sane world, this would have been utterly disqualifying in the election, and grounds for impeachment and removal by itself, and it wouldn’t be a close question.

The Overton window has been smashed, and the million little pieces flung to the corners of the fucking solar system.


Here’s the terms of settlement if anyone’s interested.

The list of obligations on Trump if he wants to be involved in any not-for-profit in the State of New York are a laugh.

For example:

“maintain a current working familiarity with the rules and practices governing New York based not-for-profit charitable organisations and their officers and directors.”

Ha, Ha. Ha…

Here’s the judgment itself:

I must admit to being rather disappointed by all this. I had thought that mucking about with charity funds (raised for veterans in the US, no less) was one of the last things left that people still inclined to support Trump might actually care about.

Apparently not.

Oh well, chalk up another victory for bluster and mammon.

As for the judgment - a bit more judicial explanation would have been nice.

The AG argued and the judge ruled that Trump took $2,823,000 of the Foundation’s money and used it for his election campaign. The AG wanted an order that Trump be fined the whole amount plus interest.

Trump argued that because the money ended up with veterans charities, he shouldn’t have to pay anything.

So, the judge found that Trump did nick the Foundation’s money but because he ended up paying it to organisations like those for whom it was raised, she only ordered him to pay $2 million.

Why $2 million? Just because it’s a nice round number?

Either he embezzled the money and has to account for all of it or he didn’t [Narrator: He did] and doesn’t have to pay anything.

Where’s the scope for an in-between ruling?

No, that’s separate. The charity had $1.8 million left and Trump was ordered to pay $2 million personally.

Whether he actually did pay it and whether that money came from his own personal coffers if he did is a question I don’t have an answer to.

EDIT: It appears the NY AG thinks he did so that’s good enough for me.


Mexico will pay for it. Barring that, he’ll demand the money from congress and steal it out of the military’s budget after they refuse.




So is that $2 million in addition to repaying the money he stole from his charity? Or did his crime pay slightly less than he expected?


Plot twist: He stole money from political donations to his PAC(s) in order to pay the fine for the money he stole from his charity to use for political ends. It’s the circle of life!.


"The NY attorney general’s office also said that Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka, who were officials with the foundation, took “compulsory training to ensure this type of illegal activity never takes place again.”

Yes, I’m sure it was an entirely accidental oversight. Now that they’ve gotten training, I’m sure it will never happen again.


Trump has also argued that because Ukraine got the military aid, he didn’t commit extortion. He’s consistently criminal, I’ll give him that.


At least next time around (and you know it has already happened) they can’t claim ignorance of the law.

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We all know that they just moved on to a bigger grift.

Real estate and “charity” turned into the white house and “leadership”.


I want nothing
I want nothing
Except a portrait of me…

Set to any Christmas tune.

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Fake news. Hands too big.

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