Trump hotel in D.C. made $2 million profit in 4 months, now charges highest rates in town


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Nice game!

The underlings get to curry favor by paying inflated prices to stay at the boss’ hotel, then charge the tab to the taxpayers – which, of course, the boss approves.




If ever a building cried out for a firebomb…


The best bribery money can buy.


Hey NK: 38.8940297,-77.0292326,17.06



Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. Taken from my regular fishing spot in Chicago.


I’d rather stay at the Bates Motel than any place with the name Trump on it.


Ugliest building in Chicago.


Firebombs are counterproductive unless you’re willing to mass-produce them.

A 24/7 peacefully disruptive protest, OTOH…

Why is it still possible to enter that building? The police can force a passage if they want to, but how profitable will the hotel be if it is constantly drenched in tear gas?

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Hey, you’re threatening government property there!

…or is the white house Turnip property, now? I get so confused.




Nice I hope that this is just further proof to support lawsuits that DC and Maryland as well as other businesses are bringing against the Trumps


I hock a loogie at it every time I drive past.


Me: "Hello, front desk? Do you have Russian hookers available?"
Front Desk: "Da! You want peeing or non-peeing hookers?"
Me: "I didn’t spend $650 a night for non-peeing hookers, okay?"
Front Desk: “You want maybe Rex Tillerson to chaperone?”


The depressing bit about the Trump tower in Chicago is that it isn’t in itself a hideous building. That badge and what’s inside it however…


A friend of mine said out loud the other day something I’d been thinking: That the Chicago Trump tower resembles an elongated hand giving you the finger.



It’s not gold? Only silver. Sheesh. Low rent!


Whole I’d like the whole name to “fall off” of t, if we could just pry the “T” off, it would at least be descriptive.