Trump hotel bookings plummet

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I saw recently where one of Trump’s golf courses was valued at $50 million for his FEC filing, but he valued it at $10 million for tax purposes, and the tax assessors allowed the change because the golf course had been losing business for the last few years.


Will tRump blame minorities / muslims / recent immigrants for this too?

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No problem. After Trump’s coronation, the Federal government will rent any open rooms at Trump-branded hotels, to keep them out of the hands of Mexican rapists. Take that, China!*


  • Trump 2016!

I guess Latinos,African Americans women and others heard that they weren’t qualified to judge whether they can book a Trump facility.


I didn’t see the $50 million cited, but this piece (as well as yesterday’s local Daily Breeze) cites a Trump claim of $264 million to the local county assessor’s $10 million.


For not staying in stupid-pretentious hotels? Maybe.

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(I think I was confusing it with his Westchester NY Golf Club, which he claimed was worth $50million, but which was valued at $1.35 million for taxes.)



For certain definitions of the word sad.


Bookings on Trump hotels from that one website. I mean, this is really cherry-picking your data, and not looking at any trends at all.

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I love him, but I oppose his teeth.

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“While overall Hipmunk hotel bookings have been on the rise year-over-year, that has not been the case with bookings of Trump Hotels.”

Yeah, it’s not an absolute picture and still a viral advertisement, still relevant.


I wonder what (tiny?) proportion of the sort of people who stay in Trump’s facilities would ever use a phone app to book hotels or golf courses? The headline might alternatively read “People who are younger and more likely to vote Democrat may be less likely to book Trump hotels.”

Trump’s estimate of his value may be as inflated as a social media share price, but I’d still like to see…you know…actual evidence.


He’s currently claiming that a golf course in NY State is worth $1.4 million when he previously said it was worth $50 million. He bought the resort for $8 million in the mid 90s, then boasted of spending $45 million in improvements.

Why? He’s suing the local government in order that he can get a reduction on property taxes.

So, either he’s a terrible businessman that can turn $50 million into $1.4 million. Or, he’s a terrible human being.

What do I mean ‘or’? He can be both.


Can, and is!


It’s a fairly popular site and the demographic for luxury hotels is greater than the demo for Trump’s rhetoric.

It’s an arbitrary number, but one metric for the lessening interest in his properties.

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I’m trying to think of another person in the last 30 years who was making a serious run for President with this many skeletons in his closet.

He’s stiffed contractors out of millions with such regularity that it’s obviously part of his business model.

He touts the worth of his properties publicly, while devaluing them for taxes.

He’s under investigation for fraud in multiple states for a blatantly obvious “real estate seminar” scam.

He brags about what a great businessman he is while his company has gone through chapter 11 bankruptcy four times and lost him billions of dollars.

And all this is in addition to his unrepentant racism and sexism, his empty promises about making Mexico pay for a wall, or unconstitutional policies about restricting or monitoring Muslims (or being vocally pro-torture, Cheney at least had the gall to claim it “wasn’t torture.”)

Any of these would make good anti-Trump ads. If Romney shot himself in the foot with his “47 percent” quote, how can Trump escape the same pitfall?

It really speaks to how low the GOP has sunk that this is the best they could do.


This isn’t the best they could do, it’s just what they did, kinda like how your toddler’s soiled training pants isn’t the best they could do.


Didn’t David Duke run for Prez?