Trump hotels, faced with massive declines in bookings, rebrand as "Scion Hotels"


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The band leader of KMFDM ended up staying at Trump Hotel recently. He used Priceline or some similar service and the Trump hotel ended up underbidding everyone else. So, yeah. If they were doing tremendously well, they wouldn’t need to be getting rooms filled only because they were the cheapest.




Wow, to have been a fly on the wall during that discussion with the Orange Narcissist.

“Dad, your name is now costing us money in branding, instead of being worth anything, so we’re going to change the name of the hotels after us.”

Extra delicious since, according to (fairly substantiated) rumor, Ivanka was the one that came up with the idea of “leasing out the brand name for money” in the first place.


Isn’t “Scion” Toyota’s economy brand aimed at the under-30s? Given his support base, shouldn’t he be rebranding as “F-150”?

Edit - even worse, I just noticed Toyota wound up Scion. So Trump will be using a second hand trademark of a failed brand.


So Sad!


'Cause “Scion” worked out so well for the (no longer existing) car brand.


Hotel Hombres :thinking:


Stay at the Trump - where it feels like you have the entire hotel to yourself.


mmmm trump might be wise to start a taxi company and hope that when he is bankrupt his creditors will let him keep one cab to drive and make a living.


Bigly would have been a better choice.


They should call their hotels Hummer… which amuses me for several obvious reasons.
I searched on P150 and got growlights(?)


I really don’t get this. I can’t recall a time when Trump wasn’t synonymous with “cheap and tacky”. I can’t believe that brand ever had cachet.


Why aren’t the Deplorables filling up the hotel rooms? There are so many. All the Trump Hotels need to do is create and promote MAGA-palooza or Hillary Hatefests and the rooms will be booked.


That might work. All these hipster web startups have names ending in -ly, so maybe someone would think this is that?


So “Trump” is now a Bad Nombre?


For a person who ascribes much of his net worth to his brand, it’s strange that he doesn’t understand the concept of brand goodwill (or, in this case, its opposite).

Speaking of which, he just announced in Gettysburg that he’s making a contract with America. Given how many vendors he’s stiffed over the years and how many products this grifter has misrepresented to the public, most of us understand how much a contract signed by him is worth (even on his brand of the classiest, really the most beautiful paper).

You don’t get it because you have this thing called “good taste.”


They’ll be booked, but it’ll be a Beverly Hillbillies/Crocodile Dundee-esque scene. Guests washing their socks in the bidet, asking for a cup of ranch dressing to dip their filets mignon in, complaining that they can’t find NASCAR on the TV in their room, swimming in the hotel pool in their underwear…


I don’t know why I did that - I meant F-150, the go-to pickup for the Trump demographic. Coincidentally, its sales too are in decline.

This is a bit classist. What makes you think the sort of rich people who would use Trump’s facilities aren’t like that too?


God made a contract with the Israelites, and look how that turned out.