A brand without a base: Kmart, Sears, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Neiman-Marcus join Nordstroms in kicking Ivanka Trump's products to the curb


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It seems obvious to me why this is happening:

  1. Democrats want nothing to do with anything branded Trump
  2. Anybody else who doesn’t absolutely worship the god emperror is going to have a reflexive avoidance of trump items simply because it feels like a political endorsement. Its like putting a political bumper sticker on your car. Only the most partisan people want to go around advertising their political affiliation. Practically any other brand is preferable to that.

Also, here’s a great picture I saw yesterday, its a double whammy:


I don’t know - I see a comeback happening…


I like Trump Home. I find their home security system very reassuring.


There’s little to be happy about for the next dismal few years, so I’ll take silver linings like the destruction of this awful family’s brand where I can find them.


There is that, but also; which retail outlet likes the precedent of being told what they can and cannot do?


So my wife and I were talking about a related situation yesterday. My niece is getting married this June. She booked the room for the reception almost a year in advance. What does a bride do if she booked it in a Trump property? Too late and too expensive to change it. I know that if the reception is in one of those kinds of places, I would attend the ceremony and send my regrets about the reception. But my wife pointed out that I am not having any financial impact by not going. The room will be paid for by someone else, regardless.


I’m pretty sure that if trumpcrap was profitable none of these bigcorps would mind it a bit. Its all about the money.



I think you go. Not ideal but like you said it’s paid for whether you go or not.


But after the reception you’ll need to rent a Silkwood shower, and those things are not cheap.


So… the stores are dropping her brand because of her father who is so popular he won in a landslide? I suppose they’re paid protestors. What do you think it costs to hire Kmart?


What’s interesting is that the brand seems to have been the core ‘thing’ of value. Now that’s been flushed down the shitter.


The answer is more-or-less the thinking behind destroying seized ivory - the poachers have already killed elephant, so why NOT sell the ivory and use the income to fund conservation efforts? No. You destroy the ivory because doing anything else just furthers the trade.

By going to the reception you normalise the behaviour. It would suck for your niece, but send a very clear message to any future wedding parties.

That said, for a close relative, and one I liked … I would probably go. Its a tough call, and there are going to be a lot more tough calls in the next three years and eleven months.


You’re going to support the bride and groom and your combined families, right? So you go, maybe sporting a subtle political statement (an upside down flag pin on your lapel, say), and you don’t do anything to provide any more financial support for the Trump brand such as using their valet service or parking garage.


Maybe you (and any other guests with similar concerns) could say that you won’t go to the reception, but you’ll arrange to spend a weekend with them somewhere nice, or if it’s a big enough group, just book a different reception venue.


offer to support them in suing the Turmp Kwik ‘n’ Klassee Kasino Resort for ruining their wedding with fascism.


Sears. Ouch. :confounded:


The only problem I have with that is that his niece probably won’t get married again, and if she does it’s likely that it won’t be in another Trump property anyway. And no one else is paying attention to whether dfaris goes to the reception or not, so I don’t think it really sends a message to other wedding parties.


The real estate part is interesting too. It’s not too often the politics of a landlord affect a tenant business, but this happened:

On the one hand, that article’s from The Georgia Straight, a well-established Vancouver alt-weekly. On the other hand, I don’t think you have to be in the same demographic as people who read alt-weeklies to have that reaction to the Trump brand.


$1.50? This is Kmart we’re talking about.