Ivanka Trump to take official position as "Assistant to the President"


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Seems legit.


I’m so tired of winning!!!


Just to be clear: She reads shit for him. Obviously. Because he is functionally and likely willfully illiterate. I am 98% convinced of this.


Something something nepotism something something.


Looks very much like the initial steps of changing the US from a democracy into a monarchy.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.


It’s Buttles, all the way down.


It’s who knows how to read the papers you need to sign.

All you need is cash!

ETA: Nope, that was the Rutles.




The US hasn’t ever been a democracy. We’ve had political dynasties in the White House since at least John Quincy Adams. The difference is that now we have a dynasty headed by a narcissistic fascist-loving nihilist who gets his briefings from Fox and is tearing apart the government like a rampaging toddler.


What are y’all bitching about?
If Hillary had installed Chelsea in the same job as Ivanka’s, I’m sure the republicans would have thought it was a great idea. Why can’t you be as supportive as the republicans?


Alas the unpaid aspect means this likely won’t run afoul of anti nepotism laws. Even though she doesn’t need the money and the exposure is itself will pay yuge dividends.

Even if it’s not technically illegal, it seems hugely unethical to me. Not that 45 has shown any regard whatsoever for ethics thus far (unless it negatively effects him, then suddenly it’s of the utmost importance).


I heard Barron was appointed Assistant to the Assistant of the President. Nepotism is good for business, urrr, I mean government.


It’s who you blow.


Republicans freaked out when Hillary Clinton was given health care policy work during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Hypocritical assholes.

Can’t be impeached soon enough.


What I really like is that Trump insisted that she was absolutely not going to be in the White House, even as they were setting aside an office for her.

And/or she’s one of the few people from whom he trusts to get information. He’ll be asking her about domestic/foreign policy the way he was calling up Flynn in the wee hours of the morning to ask if a weak dollar was good or bad for the economy.

I’ve read some analysis that indicated it didn’t matter if she gets paid or not - it was still a violation either way. Fingers crossed that’s both true and enforced.


Keep it in your pants donald.


Isn’t it risky putting her within grabbing distance while Melania is in New York?


It’s funny that they seem to think people were concerned by the informal aspect of her position, and not the nepotism.