Mueller probe questions Ivanka and Don Jr's role in Trump Tower Moscow scheme


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Nothing would warm my heart more than seeing Don Jr. flip on daddy.


Hey. . . now just a gosh darned second. . . I thought Trump specifically said his finances were strictly “off limits” for Mueller??!!



He’ll never flip. His whole self image is dependent on daddy’s approval… or at least his lack of disapproval.

Ivanka, on the other hand, might well be tired of being objectified by Poppa Pig.


One of the fun parts of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury was when Steve Bannon heard Trump say that and did a big forehead slap, saying something along the lines of “YOU FUCKING IDIOT, now that’s the first place they’ll look!”


They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed.


It’s been quite a day for Dolt-45. Judging by the Twitter silence, I’m sure the grownups in the West Wing spent most of the day hiding his phone from him, but little Donny will get his small hands on it sooner or later. Expect a 3AM Tweet from the potty of a Buenos Aires hotel.


While we are on the subject of flipping:


I guess Barron got the least-worst deal of that bunch in that his father frequently forgets he even exists.




He’s tied with Tiffany for the Trump voted Most Likely to be Forgotten by Dementia Dad Donny.


it may end up being the President’s undoing

Trump mocking that disabled reporter two years ago should have been his undoing. Everyone could have seen then and there that he’s an asshole. Apparently, half of the country wanted an asshole for president.



May I have a dollar for every time I’ve heard “this could be the president’s undoing,”? I’m even willing to restart the counter.



Something tells me it might be more likely to go the other way. (Or at least, Donnie Two-scoops would be happy to throw Jr. under the bus.) Which would also be good.

Yeah, that should have made his candidacy a non-starter, like so many other things he did and said.

Since he got elected I keep seeing people claim that everything is unraveling for Trump as various new bits of damning information come to light. I mean, every time it’s true, yet he’s still not unraveled. At current rates I expect Trump to exit office as a loosely bound cloud, with a team that exists to keep him from blowing away in the slightest breeze (or exploding). Yet still serving out his term.


There’s a reason Ivanka was in the White House over Don, he trusted her husband more than his sons to take care of business. I bet Don Jr is the best target to flip because (flatly) he’s really dumb.


Ummmm… Lock them up?


Trump may not unravel, but he will unravel the Republican party. They didn’t lose the Senate because not as many seats were up for re-election, but in 2020 there will be a lot up for grabs, including some weakly held GOP seats. What 2018 was for the House, 2020 will be for the Senate.

If Mueller’s report comes out and is as damning as we all suspect, and the GOP just shrugs it off and refuses to impeach, they will lose every middle of the road voter.


So this is it right?.. Put a fork in it?.. Game over man, game over?


My strong prediction is shortly after January when the new House takes their seats and the investigations ramp up, the Senate GOP will suddenly find their conscience and start to publicly challenge Hair Gropenfurer. As there will be no more juicy tax cuts or other legislative achievements possible in a divided Congress, Republicans will simply have no further use of him and toss him over the side.

Not saying this will lead to impeachment unfortunately (unless the Mueller report reveals some truly indefensible activities and they have no choice - possible but not probable). Expect Senate Republicans to distance themselves rapidly by next summer.