In bizarre tweet, Trump says those investigating him told him to fire Comey


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Yeah it’s that one


One popular theory is that Rosenstein became Trump’s new nemesis when he refused to fire Mueller.


New Yorkers have know the guy was a tool for decades. (The only change is he’s now too old and too in the public eye to be cheating on his wife.)

It would be very satisfying to finally see him get definitively and thoroughly exposed and nailed to the wall. Ruined, jailed, stripped of his fortune.


The tweet was just after 8:00am. Most likely he had just seen some jackass on Fox News make some smarmy comment about Rosenstein telling Trump to fire Comey and then turning around and appointing Mueller who then starts an investigation into Trump’s firing of Comey. I don’t watch Fox, so I’m just guessing. I’d try to verify this, but I can’t stand watching Fox for more than a millisecond.


Or…he’s just feeding the subset of his devotees who can’t be bothered with details and facts.


Like many people, Trump seems to assume that everybody who opposes him are in cahoots, part of a vast conspiracy. OTOH, he seems to have thought that because Democrats in congress had criticized Comey, they would applaud Trump for firing him. Because it appears that his MAIN way of ingratiating himself with a group is to find out who THEY dislike and hate them too…His mind can’t seem to handle the complexity that the enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend, or that actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, you have to do something FOR people, not just insult somebody who isn’t in the room.


That’s right - one of the reasons he had a tiny vote in NYC - only the tribal diehards could bring themselves to vote fro him. Anyone on the fence knew what a horrible asshole he has always been


Occam’s razor would support your hypothesis


He might be bullshitting, but now that Trump’s tweets have been declared official policy, and he’s now under government investigation, even his shitposts are official statements that the FBI can consider as part of their investigation.


something, something… tiny Latina…cough, cough.


Or mind-numbing the people trying to keep track of the details.


Yeah, I’m going with the bullshitting.


It was the underhanded work of FBI Agent Covfefe!


So, just to make sure I’m totally up to speed.

  1. Trump tells Rosenstein/Sessions to craft a memo giving him reasons to fire Comey
  2. Said memo is crafted, Trump fires Comey
  3. Trump says he had to do it because of the memo
  4. Rosenstein says “well he told us to write it.”
  5. Trump then says he had to do it because the FBI was losing faith in its leadership
  6. FBI says “What?”
  7. Trump then says he was considering it anyways.
  8. Trump then says he fired him because they could see Russia from the White House
  9. Trump then says lots of other bullshit things
  10. Now Trump is back to saying “but they told me to fire him!”

I hope to hell he keeps tweeting and talking on camera, it’s working SO very well for the American people!


All the while, congress / senate GOP and Trump loyalists are doing their best impression of the Three Wise Monkeys.


Rosentein has the authority to fire Mueller, but Trump technically doesn’t. I suppose you could read that as “Rosenstein is investigating Trump”, but it would be wise not to…


Or maybe Trump is investigating himself, since he himself is the man who told him to fire Comey. This is plausible, given that he often refers to himself in the third-person.



Surely inspiration for a Dylan ballad.