Trump admits firing Comey to impede investigation into "Trump and Russia"


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Trump 'revealed highly classified information' to Russians during White House visit after firing FBI's Comey

That’s a clear-cut confession to obstructing justice, as far as I’m concerned.


Don’t think the fine folks at the FBI and the congressional intelligence committees aren’t paying attention.

It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.


Fingers fucking CROSSED…


Something better happen! #impeach


So the Electoral College makes it harder for Republicans to get elected?

Congratulations, Donald! :clap:


Oh! He’s monologging!


Mainstream journalism in this country is FUCKED. Every single time Drumpf says “It’s very hard to catch a hacker, unless you catch them in the act” I am thinking, what the fuck?! What is the basis of that statement? Electronic crime is exceptionally forensically rich, especially with all of our state surveillance apparatus at our disposal. And what exactly does “catching them in the act” even mean – SWAT team swinging in through their windows at the very moment of a breach? But is there EVER a followup question, do they EVER say, “There is no basis in fact for that assertion?” The answer is NO, because they are PATHETIC, and the people who own them are probably happy as hell Drumpf is in office, because they are rich fucks like the rest of them.


The moron actually got elected without ever understanding the electoral college biases. It just doesn’t end.


I gave up watching any TV news years ago, and I used to work in TV news. I haven’t seen it as useful for a decade and, judging by the presence of empty suits like Lester Holt in the anchor chairs, neither do the broadcast and cable networks.



I hate to say it, but I think our only hope may be more mainstream-ish gonzo-style outfits like Vice, and new media like Vox, etc. They are “hip” enough to not really give a fuck. Same goes for, frankly, comedians, and comedic TV personalities. They are more informative than mainstream news, and more popular.


He is saying that because that narrative supports his assertion that the hacking ties to Russia can not be proven.


Some reorters are pressing him for concrete answers. Did you see this?

I love the look on Dickerson’s face at the end.



Yeah, but even if, IF, it isn´t true. He was clearly admitting that he did it to stop an criminal investigation. Thats obstruction of justice, and thats a crime in any free, democratic country, even if the fucking president does it. Even if he is not a traitor that sold the US out to the Russia, he needs to be removed from office and put on trial ASAP. I hope the FBI took notice of this interview.
Move the orange bastard from the white house to the big house!



But you see, Mr. Trump knows the Congress will never hold him accountable, and the FBI will never hold him accountable, and the DOJ will never hold him accountable, and nothing matters any more.


if you ever think you have a difficult and unrewarding job, just remember that there is an entire team of already-sleep-deprived political operatives in the White House currently trying to figure out how to spin this.


Is there ANY scenario where the Republicans would abandon him for Pence via 25th amendment*? I’m seriously asking. What would have to happen?

*Recently educated myself on the 25th, so I’m certainly no Constitutional expert. More like, hey, I read this ( and wondered if the situation is still the same.