Trump 'revealed highly classified information' to Russians during White House visit after firing FBI's Comey

Trump’s intelligence secrets, revealed!

“First thing I do every day? I read The National Enquirer. I consider myself to have an enquiring mind, and I figure, hey, I want to know!”



I didn’t think I would have to repost this so soon


Great care was taken to make sure that Ambassador Kislyak looked his absolute best in this photo. Skin tones for the other two were collateral damage. Curiously, they missed the fact that his chin is about to eat Trump’s lapel flag . . . or did they?


The best part about this latest fake news is that even the NYTimes is disputing whether an actual leak or disclosure took place in light of the President’s ability to declassify anything he wants to. Nice try WaPo! Lol!

I recently inquired on this thread (Trump admits firing Comey to impede investigation into “Trump and Russia”) whether or not the Comey firing was grave enough to force action. Due to my interactions on that thread, I feel compelled to explain that I understand how polling affects Republicans’ and others’ decision making, that I understand how the craven slavery to wealth/status is inversely proportionate to integrity, etc. That’s not what I was asking there nor is it what I want to know now.

Perspective is very difficult in uncharted territory. It’s no easy thing to answer, “How grave is this situation?” when “this situation” is a shitshow the likes of which we maybe haven’t seen since Nixon and even that’s debatable. My husband is old enough to remember the Watergate hearings – I am not. I know the Watergate comparisons are rampant, but seriously, think about the last time the intelligence community and the press enjoyed a foxhole romance.

So, I’m not even sure we are in unprecedented land, but when presidential scholars and Harvard constitutional law professors and people way, way, WAY smarter than me start sounding alarm bells, I really begin to worry because it doesn’t seem like the usual outrage.

For example, I spent more time than I’d like to admit researching whether The New York Times had ever before issued an open letter such as this:

I don’t know, I just don’t know. Well, that’s not exactly true. I do know one unprecedented fact: I’m worried in a way I’ve not known until today.


So who’s really prez? I’m hoping The Dude.


I’m not sure who all reported on aides saying that they can’t provide Trump with multiple choices, because that just confuses him, so they present the plan they favor and try to convince him of it. But this is apparently part of how they convince him:


That’s got to be right. I can just imagine his next meeting…

“Hey, guys, wanna know the nuclear codes? I can tell you that because I’m the president. I can declassify anything!


Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never actually seen the Big Lebowski (I know, I know, here’s my geek card, take it). I’m hoping Elizabeth Warren, but it’s probably Cruz.


The Washington Post article explicitly states

For almost anyone in government, discussing such matters with an adversary would be illegal. As president, Trump has broad authority to declassify government secrets, making it unlikely that his disclosures broke the law.

So yes, WaPo is perfectly up-front that the President’s staggering breach of protocol, precedent, and common sense may not have technically constituted a breach of the law. That doesn’t mean it’s not an impeachable offense though. If nothing else this demonstrates a staggering lack of judgement which could quite likely sever intelligence operations with our allies and even get field agents killed.


“While the specific cover is fake, it is true there was a period in the ’70s when people were predicting an ice age,” the official insisted.

that is truly frightening.

it still baffles me that the president – any president – would read news magazines and watch cable tv. here’s to hoping he’ll love the law and order mini-series where he gets dragged off to jail.

it fascinates me that a president can do this by fiat and without prior notice. it seems obama could have made hrc’s email woes vanish by simply saying all her emails were automatically declassified.


And how do you think the GOP would have responded had he done that?


Don’t feel bad. There are many of us out there.


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I can´t get used to it.
How is he so stupid?
So inapologetic, obcenely, painfully stupid?
How does he even function?
He is so spectacular stupid that he shouldn´t be able to talk and breathe at the same time!
This shit right here wil cost lives. Innocent lives Dead just because this imbecile had to dickwave in front of his overlords.
How long will this madness go on?


Now I’m picturing a member of the Russian delegation saying, in Russian, something like: “Engaging sub-program 7-1-5-7” and Drumph going blank-eyed and starting to babble in Russian with a monotone voice.


Yes. I’ve been having trouble keeping in mind the big picture, Trump is both a cause of bad things happening and a symptom of the huge amount of bad in our political system right now. Thirty years of having roughly half of every political resource focused on breaking our political system has taken a serious toll. Getting Trump out of office as soon as possible is necessary but having a working democracy is going to take a lot more than President Pence. I’m not sure revolution is necessary or possible but having a working government is going to take years and years of turning back the damage that has been done. I think the majority of people in the US want to live in a democracy but it’s to take a lot more work by a lot more people than have been involved politically in recent years to turn around the well-organized campaigns of various kinds to break our government. We are going to be stuck with radically conservative judges, broken international systems, iffy education/housing/healthcare, as well as ignorant highly motivated anti-government activists for . . . years and years and years, even with Trump out of office and more Dems winning elections. I find Trump scary for a range of reasons but, sadly, I’m not sure that removing him from office will fix much.


Well, those dumbed-down one-page security briefings he gets? He’s not even reading those


In my experience, I’ve never seen “Red Scare” used without an article in front, usually “the.” Also, your use of “so many” is worth noting. This would be ok for exaggerated informal speech, but in this situation I think that eliminating “so” would be a good idea. “So many” would be better used to show cause and effect. For example, there were so many ________, that ______ resulted.

Finally, “Leftist creative Hollywood and media persons” is clunky. While “persons” is technically acceptable, we usually say “people.” It’s probably better to simply delete the word and move “Leftist” to the end. “Creative Hollywood (and other media) Leftists” flows a bit better I think, although personally, I would do without the parenthetical.

Hope this helps, Comrade.