Clinton campaign breaks silence, demands declassification of Russian election hack intel

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“Why wasn’t this brought up before election?”

Jesus Christ, does he really not even remember the discussion that was had during the debate?

“Can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card.”

What the fuck does this even mean? Is the CIA “playing the CIA card”? Aren’t they just… the CIA?

" It would be called conspiracy theory!"

Well, I mean, it would be called a conspiracy theory because it wouldn’t be based on anything if he claimed the Russians hacked for Hillary*. Just like his “millions of illegal voters” conspiracy, and Trump’s deputy secretary of state pick, Bolton’s conspiracy that it was a “false flag operation” by the… Democrats? Is that who he’s claiming did it? These people are so fucking crazy.

*Though this reminds me of when Trump asked why women weren’t coming forward to accuse Obama of sexually assaulting them. Hmm, maybe because in reality he didn’t ever do any such thing, and Trump did? I can never tell how much is Trump trying to deflect/project and how much is him thinking he can actually alter reality itself by suggesting the opposite of current conditions should be true. He’s that unconnected to reality, it seems plausible.


I have no words.

I seriously don’t know what to say to all this insane fuckery which seems to get crazier by the day.


Not even his brilliant “no, YOU’RE the puppet!” comeback?


We have a president elect who is a child in everything but age - his intellect (attention span, critical thinking, etc.), emotion, knowledge, who has no curiosity, no attention span, who is a bully, a con-man and a thief, and he doesn’t seem able to either grasp reality or remember events of several months previously. Saying this about anyone else would normally be the most grotesque hyperbole, but with him, it’s literally true.
Which is to say: things are only going to get crazier. (And that’s saying something, because everything is already so crazy I can’t comprehend the full insanity of it all at once.)

Evidence is mounting that Trump can’t actually remember anything he said, previously. It must make him a really shit negotiator.


A god awful lot of America is unconnected to reality. That happened.


My normal includes a few like him, and squarely in my personal rear-view.


AND he can’t read!


That’s been obvious for a while, but it’s curious that his supporters suffer the same affliction.

And some just refuse to pay attention, like the ones who say “no one ever accused Trump of being a racist before he ran for office!” even though he’s had to settle multiple lawsuits in which people sued him for racial discrimination.


By all accounts, his primary “negotiation” tactic is to be insufferably obnoxious until people pay money just to make him go away.


We’ve seen enough of Trump to know that his leadership will be a train-wreck car-crash write-off before it’s even begun. He’s provoked China to fly nuclear bombers towards Taiwan through sheer ignorance of protocol. Understanding that shit matters. It’s like Oscar Wilde said, “a gentleman is someone who never is unintentionally rude.” Trump managed to offend the Chinese without even realising or understanding what he was doing, ergo he’s not fit for office.

He’s lined up a cabinet who are singularly opposed the ethos of the departments they’re supposed to be running. You need to prevent him gaining office, or remove him from office by any legal means possible, as early as possible. Brief the Electoral College, and if they don’t pull through start Impeachment. He’s got no credibility. He’s a buffoon and a moron, he’ll damage your country and our world.


kickstarter? gofundme? a fevered dream of jim bell?


Gosh, something is happening…


I bet Vlad is laughing his ass off.



I mean, I’m not sure how well Hill-dog would have done without Russian election-mussing, but that doesn’t discount this.


So. . . the guy who likes to promote conspiracy theories as believable is saying this conspiracy theory is not believable simply because it doesn’t benefit him?

You know what, real conspiracies do exist sometimes (organized crime for example), and when we have actual evidence instead of conjecture and wishful thinking it’s a lot more imperative we investigate and act than when some anonymous troll invents a theory about pedophilia or Satanism or space aliens with nothing to support it other than his own fever-dream desires.

And for all you fever-dream scumbags, how about this one: if Hillary and Podesta are involved in some sex-slave-pizza-cabal, and Trump won’t investigate because “they are nice people”, then Trump must be in on this sex slave business too, right?


Yeah well I don’t think it had as big an effect as her own governments interference.

There sure is a diverse group of powerful people in the world who are confident their interests will be served by a Trump presidency. It’s fucking unfathomable really.


So it was kind of out of the blue that Trump selected Mitch McConnell’s wife (Elaine Chao) to be Transportation Secretary. I mean, she’s generally qualified having served in Bush’s cabinet. But of all the people, why her?

Then we find out that back in september when the CIA first presented this info, McConnell squashed the public disclosure. That puts his wife’s appointment in a whole new light. Exactly the kind of quid pro quo that you would expect from uber-reductive Trump.

So today McConnell himself announced support for an investigation into Russia’s involvement. If Trump dumps Chao (either directly or through not bothering to put in any fight for her during the Senate confirmation) I think that will be pretty strong proof that her appointment was originally a reward for McConnell’s “loyalty” on Russia.

It won’t really tell us anything new about Trump. But if it happens, it will be one more example confirming that he really is as simple-minded and petty as half the country thinks he is.


They’ll be teaching that one in colleges for years to come!

I mean, on elementary school playgrounds.