Russia hacked U.S. presidential election for Trump, says CIA

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Color me “shocked.”


How is this not an act of war?


I think this is a “don’t believe the CIA.” That’s actually reasonable. The trick is the evidence. There was only the flimsiest of evidence of WMDs in Iraq. There’s a substantial and growing body of evidence all pointing to Russia interfering in the 2016 election.

46th highest EV win out of 58 contests.


My only wish this Xmas is for him to get a much needed reality check.


Also one month now constitutes “a long time ago?!?”


So far he seems to think being POTUS is a part time job. Skipping the vast majority of the Intelligence Briefings should be enough for any principled member of the Electoral College to refuse to cast their votes for him. It’s hard to know what crises are going to arise under his term, but giving great power to those who are ignorant, immature, and irresponsible has created a lot of real human crises that would make our previous problems under Obama look like a paradise to live with.


New Jersey seems to be a candidate for entry into the Axis of Rump’s Nemesisesese.


The media reported on the leaks instead of the underlying infowars because all of this strong evidence the CIA apparently relies upon was highly classified and was shared only in closed-door briefings. Was the CIA supposed to leak the evidence to the press?

If the charge of “Jim Comey improperly interfered in an election” is to have any weight, I don’t see why the CIA leaking classified information about the election in the last few weeks before the vote should be treated differently.


Therein lies the main crux of the problem; most of the people with any power to do something don’t seem to have much in the way of principles, or the cojones to apply them in a practical manner.


These are petty officials of a shamelessly corrupt fascist party.

If they had any principles, they wouldn’t be in that position in the first place.


This continues to look more and more realistic:

I wonder how much Trump really knows about Russian involvement in the election?


Man, no good way out of this.

Whatever happens, Russia won. Consider the confidence in American Democracy undermined on all sides.

This is the kind of situation the Electoral College was created to handle. Either it doesn’t do its duty, and we get a reminder of how outdated and dumb the institution is, or it DOES do it’s duty, and we basically face a civil war.


As someone who lived most of their childhood in the Reagan administration it seems doubly surreal that

  1. The most paranoid cold war fantasies about Russia subverting our government have come true
  2. Republicans all mostly seem to be cool with it

(ETA: OK, there are a handful of Republicans who at least want this investigated more. They still seem fine sticking with the guy the Russians put in power though.)




Posted by “oldster” on the Making Light blog:

“Who chose her? The majority.
Who chose him? The KGB.
Who chose her? The USA.
Who chose him? The KKK.”

Time to ask every Trump supporter why Russia wanted him.


If it is, then we’ve been potentially starting a LOT of wars, globally, for quite a few years.

It’s unpleasant when the shoe is on the other foot, isn’t it? I wonder how we’d react to a Middle East country rounding up random US citizens, guilt or innocence be damned, then torturing them in various inventive ways…?


I suspect they’ll prompt about the same amount of serious reflection on their part as when we asked them why the KKK and the American Nazi Party wanted him.


Fuuuuuuuuuck. What next.


'Strue. Russian mind control satellites made pissed of Rust Belt workers not vote for a NAFTA/TTP/Wall Street booster, while at the same time making Californians vote the other way because that series five MENTSAT has really good resolution.

Remember, that is what lost this election. The Rust Belt. HRC’s got the raw numbers, but she lost the states which, of course, is how elections are won in a federal system. Did Russia interfere? Maybe. I mean, I trust the CIA about as far as I can throw the Moon and WaPo only half as much[1], but it is possible they interfered. I can see them being horrified at Hillary getting in, certainly. “Interfering” is far, far, far short of “hacking the election.” To pretend otherwise is prop… fake new… post-truth. And it is also the 'States reaping a little bit of what they have sown by doing this and far worse than this all over the world for decades.

Sucks? Yes? Good. Stop doing it to others.

[1] Remember, WaPo is the delightful bastion of journalism that says that Naked Capitalism is Russian Propaganda. Nothing they ever say again is trustworthy.