Obama team expected to announce measures to punish Russia for election hacking

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It will be interesting to see the TGOP try to get rid of those. It would show that they don’t care about America in the least and hopefully will turn their base against them

I can hope…

An announcement on the public elements of the response could come as early as this week.
"President Putin, Amerika's leader Obama is to be sanctioning us for three whole weeks before the orange buffoon brings end to it with slash of pen from tiny hand of his." "Oh, Amerika sure shows us who is boss! I am full with fright! Oooo!"

Is best friend, he is! Putin loves country of yours so much that he intervene in crooked election to protect place of its from grandmother who is bad with email!


The base is comprised of born suckers who’ll swallow any excuse #nextpresident will give for rescinding these measures once he’s in office. As long as he continues to stomp on the Coastal Elites, African-Americans, feminists, Hispanics, and Muslims at home these Know-Nothings (most of whom don’t have a passport) will support his foreign policy.


Maybe they can impose double super sanctions. And since, I am sure, American intelligence agencies were, thus far, doing absolutely nothing to target Russia, this new mandate is certainly causing much consternation in Moscow. Feet are quaking in boots, no doubt. And of course they’ll leak information. Oh no. I mean, they’ve only been calling Putin Hitlersadam McSatanstein on a daily basis. Now they are going to get nasty.

There’s nothing substantive they can do. Not without going into war which nobody on Earth can win. We can all just lose.

By the by, this feeling of powerlessness? Of not being able to do anything to fight effectively, against a foe who sees fit to meddle in affairs that absolutely do not concern them? Of just being forced to take it without any outlet? Yes? Remember this feeling for the next time you nod along with a politician who wants to make sure people in some foreign land vote properly. You’ve been doing this for a very long time.


Isn’t it time you stopped?


Trump’s “base” had no trouble giving a big thumbs-up to him cheerfully admitting to not paying taxes, stealing from his own charity, and giving top donors plush government jobs. If they’re OK with their daddy kicking Mexicans out because he says they’re probably rapists, they’ll swallow anything he suggests.


It’d be lovely if all sorts of charities supporting women’s rights, minorities and the environment suddenly received mysterious anonymous donations…

…just a few moments after VVP and his fellow kleptocrats find their Western bank accounts have been cleared out by hackers.

Come on CIA, NSA, GCHQ - we know you can do this dirt if thing - we’ve seen the movies.



His hair actually suits the rest of his look there.


Unless there is some revelation that ends Trumps forming administration, Trump will simply reverse it when he comes into office.

Lead Trump away in irons, or nothing.


Ending sanctions against Putin puts trump in a tough spot with his base.


I don’t know. He’s already spun this as “establishing friendly relations” with Russia. I suspect his base will accept whatever he proposes.


trump could shit on the American flag and wipe his greedy ass with the constitution and his worshipers would simply applaud.

I don’t know, does that sound a bit crude…considering trump?


In the good old days the movie villains were orientals and eastern Europeans. Now it’s Arabs and Russians. You can always trust patriotic Hollywood.

Opps Misread that as pathetic hollywood


Yeah, not sure there is a lot you can do, other than tighten your security. You can make more laws, but good luck enforcing them if the perpetrators are in another country that doesn’t recognize them.

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How good of Obama to do this when there’s no chance of it affecting the election whose outcome the hacks were designed to subvert, and which they succeeded in subverting.

How him of him, really. But he could have won a third term, rah! If only he’d deigned to have so done!

“Active” measures?