Sen. Mark Warner: Russia attacks on U.S. elections were way worse than NSA leaks and Intercept article suggest

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Mark Warner:
“Whoever’s the leaker should be pursued to the full extent of the law.”

Tim Kaine:

"“Somebody who leaks documents against laws has got to suffer the consequences” Kaine said. “But the American public is also entitled to know the degree to which Russia invaded the election to take the election away from American voters.”

my senators, both democrats. :disappointed: I suppose that’s the politically safe position, and if Warner needs that safety to take on Trump… I hope he uses it well.


Is any of this Russia stuff even trickling down to 45’s diehard base? Because I’m pretty sure they don’t care about this at all and they’re shielded from it by their narrow news sources as well as St. 45’s tweets directly to them. This seems more to put pressure on the Repugs in congress to get them to enforce their check and balance against the executive branch - which is a tall order these days in and of itself.


If you look at “Conservative Twitter,” it is apparent they’re convinced this is all fake news.

If there’s ever definitive proof, they’ll probably fall back to adoring the Russians for helping #Dolt45 win the election against the forces of darkness. (“He’s a deal maker!”)


Why should Trump be checked and balanced by the Swamp?

plus, there’s Hillary

The true die hards see Russia as a bulwark against neoliberalism and globalism and Islam.


“Bad opsec at The Intercept” is what the DOJ would love for everyone to believe, so that no one else dares leak to them. It might also be the truth! It’s impossible to say right now. But I’m sure the arresting documents have put The Intercept in the worst possible light.


I have heard people say, and I paraphrase here:

“It’s all fake news. But if Putin is responsible for Trump’s election I would like to buy him a beer, because he stopped Hillary from being elected.”


Sen. Mark Warner: Russia attacks on U.S. elections were way worser than NSA leaks and Intercept article suggest.



Ben Garrison’s deranged cartoon will shortly be translated into one of our usual commenters Just Asking Questions to “demonstrate” that Clinton is just as bad.


What not this yet?


Pretty accurate paraphrase of what I’m hearing from the #MyPresident crowd. I have relatives in Molly McGuire country.

And although I don’t like President Trump at all, if Putin was responsible for revealing DNC election shenanigans, then I’d certainly buy him a nice водка myself.

This attempted revival of the Red Scare may well do Democrats more harm than good. Which would surely serve them right; this is all just an attempt to blame shift the execrable behavior on the part of party leadership that ending up ushering Trump into power.


At Thanksgiving we all went around an said what we’re thankful for. Everyone said the typical, nice emotional things. We got to my father who said:
“Well… You’re not going to like it… But we have to say the truth: Thank god for Valdimir Putin for saving us from the devil.”

My father is nothing but kind, caring, generous, hardworking, brilliant, and loving. I don’t know why Trump, despite all of his failures, is so interesting to older generation​s.

To be clear, I love and respect my father. I’m not looking to have him lambasted by the internet. I just want to use it to illustrate the zietgeist that has enabled all this to happen.

Also, to be clear, I completely disagree with him on this point / belief system.


If it’s critical of Trump, it’s fake news. If it’s not fake news, then the source has an ax to grind. If the source is neutral, then the underlying policy is wise. If the underlying policy isn’t wise, then the American people don’t care. If the American people do care, then the incessant “Democrat” [sic] focus on this issue is serving simply to distract from Trump’s agenda.


I’d disagree that this is a Red Scare. The “Red Scare” was a nebulous concern that communists were everywhere. Here, in contrast, the specific concern is that the Russian government, at Putin’s request, intervened in the US election to get Trump elected.


Brilliant metric– basically an if/then/else statement for the entire GOP :slight_smile:


Yes, but you know your history. Most Americans either don’t or have a very muddled understanding of it, which is one of the reasons Russia’s version of the 50-cent army has been spreading that lazy “Red Scare” meme all over the Internet. It makes it easier for the weak-willed and muddy-headed and those who just want to see the world burn to ignore the kinds of Russian meddling that Ms. Winner just revealed.


Well, they’re not Reds any more, of course. But having lived through the end of the last one, I can assure you that the essential flavor is much the same. It’s all about morally bankrupt people and institutions aggrandizing themselves through placing blame and fostering fear.

Yes, that’s the narrative spin. Because that sounds so much more insidious than the idea that Russian spies, doing their job, found the DNC had essentially no security, and that Putin revealed to the American public information his spies had gathered that in turn caused the American people to reject the Democratic candidate.

I’m reading Pogo Possum all week!


If Russia is given a free hand to manipulate our elections, then it hardly matters what the Democratic leadership does, or how we feel about it. Securing our voting systems hardly qualifies as red-baiting.


What’s disappointing is that most of the networks are focusing on the fact that an NSA leaker was caught, rather than on the content of the leak, which deserves to be a much bigger story than it is.


So … are you denying the Russian government intervened in the election in order to try to get Trump elected? Why is the security of the DNC network relevant to Russian intervention?