FBI: We have evidence Trump team and Russia communicated mid-campaign, maybe to coordinate Clinton info dump


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/22/trump-russia-coverup.html



First thing I thought of!


During the election, the way he said that he hoped the Russians would leak Hillary’s emails, like he expected a package to drop at his feet was a bit of a tip-off. He wouldn’t know subtlety if it hacked him to bits.

However, I’d like to see real dirt like meeting the Russians to arrange oil deals.


Oh and how the degrees of separation are getting acutely closer to Putin himself.


Realistically, unless the GOP grows and spine and decides to start the impeachment process, what’s the blowback if they find a recording of Trump and Putin openly discussing the election hacking plan?

The FBI marches in and arrests the president? I don’t see it happening.


Military coup. Lots of folks in the service are freaked out by 45’s shit.


It’s amazing how easy it really is to bring down a country’s political system.


There is not enough popcorn in the world for me to be eating right now.


And even more folks in the service adore him. The military preferred trump 2-to-1 over clinton.

I don’t think the russia scandal is going to make a bit of difference. All the other scandals didn’t matter, why would this one? The republican base is convinced Obama wasn’t even an american and that he founded ISIS. So what if Trump worked with Putin? It was the last chance to take back america. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We should be thanking Putin for helping to expose all of Hitlery’s crimes so the voters could make an informed decision. You can’t argue with results.


This past year has been like…


On the positive side, Roger Stone finally gets to see what a prison tat version of Nixon looks like.


In case anyone’s forgotten, we have footage of someone asking Russia/Putin to interfere in our election.


The one feature of Trump’s election promises on which he was vaguely consistent was to enlarge the military, while keeping them all safely at home rather than sending them to risky parts of the world to be shot at by angry locals. What’s not to like?


Because this one will bring out the pitchforks and torches.

Which would you like?


The difference being, this one is actual, capital “T” Treason. That’s something the Republican base (and Senate and House) can’t ignore. Sure, some of his supporters will still back him, but only a minority of that minority.


Well, you can’t have any of mine!


Every. Friggin. Day.


Given his calls for Russian interference and advisors like Paul Manafort and Carter “Gazprom” Page and Flynn, anyone surprised at this point has willfully not been paying attention. The sad part is, the FBI investigation won’t change that. The good part is, those Know-Nothings form only 25% or so of the electorate. The cowards and opportunists in the GOP caucus aside, there are a lot of conservatives who will be horrified by this despite their dismissal of p*ssy-grabbing and other horrors.


Haha. Of course they can ignore it. Just like they ignored him bragging about sexual assault and swindling people with Trump University.

They will just make it into an argument about “What is treason, really?” So what if Russia helped Trump? That doesn’t mean Trump helped Russia. He’s a deal maker and man did he make the greatest deal ever! All he had to do so was say some nice things about Putin and look at what he got in return. If you look at it the right way, or maybe the alt-right way, Putin was helping america. That’s not treason, that’s a triumph for America! Trump didn’t commit treason, he swindled the dirty commies into making america great!