FBI: We have evidence Trump team and Russia communicated mid-campaign, maybe to coordinate Clinton info dump


It’s not. We have to be in a real, declared war with a country in order for it to be treason.

Even during the “cold war” the Rosenburgs were not tried for treason.


The end of that video was cut off:


Watergate was a long time ago orange skin, and we never expected to have to use it as a benchmark.


Not only can they ignore it, they can choose to throw all in with the President, as the GOP head of the House Intelligence Committee has clearly chosen to do, immediately running to the White House on Wednesday to share intel with them that he didn’t even share with his own committee. There is an active attempt right now in this country to destroy our Constitution and basic form of governance, and in spite of what the average GOP voter believes, that attempt is not coming from the Democrats. Almost every elected member of the GOP nationwide has chosen to put their party ahead of their country.


Absolutely false. The legal definition of “treason” makes no such statement of necessity.


Um, from your link:

The Treason Clause applies only to disloyal acts committed during times of war. Acts of dis-loyalty during peacetime are not considered treasonous under the Constitution.


This is all wonderful, but I do hope that some hard evidence is made public, or else this could potentially backfire and help the orange man.


I’m pretty sure he could rape and eat a baby on live television and his followers wouldn’t care. This Russia thing isn’t even a blip on their radar.


I guess the way our political system is supposed to operate (according to how those Founding Father guys set it up, anyway), any GOP congressman who defends the President would not get re-elected, and the new Congress would begin impeachment proceedings.

But not only are districts gerrymandered to keep congressmen in Congress, the electorate is constantly being fed excuses from Fox News and Alex Jones and AM Radio to justify all Trump’s behavior, the kind of stuff they would never excuse for a Democrat. Go find some random blogspot right-wing political blogs and see how they are more concerned with finding ways to blame Obama for stuff (still) than with anything Trump does now or did during the campaign.


Sources: FBI investigation continues into ‘odd’ computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization @CNNPolitics http://cnn.it/2nboh6U

And about that ‘odd’ computer link:

The Jester Actual : he’s well worth a listen - and seems to be ahead of the curve on this situation


What about ‘The War Against Terror’?


Hey… at least it’s not a woman. Dodge a bullet there, amirite! /s


That would be a horrible thing to happen actually. It would signal the end of what we understand as our government and usher in something entirely new, I think.


I think if you’re pinning your hopes on the GOP, you’re going to be disappointed.




I prefer eating mudpies two to one over eating rotting roadkill. That doesn’t mean that I like mudpies.


Veterans are not the ones referred to. Active servicemen and women are.


I don’t personally know the Jester, but several years ago he apparently went on a vendetta against my ex-husband that got him fired from a job he held fraudulently. So he’s okay by me.


I know it’s not a popular opinion, but they are still people. From the conversations I have had with “the
Base,” their line in the sand may be much further down the beach than ours, but it’s still a line.

Regarding the GOP congresscritters; I don’t think I will be disappointed. I can count on them to burst from cover on the very moment their individual self-interest is more threatened by Trump than whatever alternative exists.