Trump 'revealed highly classified information' to Russians during White House visit after firing FBI's Comey


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A US president with whom secret information cannot be shared. Makes me feel like…


I think this kind of stuff is important. But I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop that blows this little stuff out of the water. When BHO was prez, I went about my life. Now, I think about DJT at least a couple times every day. Fuck that guy. I want him out of my consciousness. I don’t care how, short of lobotomy; I just want him out.


And so it begins.

He’s just being irresponsible, folks. Nothing to worry about.


On the plus side, if it takes longer than 20 minutes to explain it to him, he probably won’t remember it.


Oh, c’mon. Drumpf is just bringing the famous efficiency with which ran his businesses (like his casinos) into government! He’s cut out the middlemen - like Flynn and Manafort - and is now just giving other country’s secrets directly to the Russians himself!

So much winning!




I have a strong feeling that a lot of stuff is being held back from Trump for fear of things getting out.


Let’s be clear: the President cannot reveal classified information, he alone has the power to declassify. Try drowning a fish #FakeNews

Somehow this same argument was not good enough when it was Hillary’s horrible emails.


That was different. Trump preceded his breach of national security protocol with the phrase “keep this under your hat, but…”



This reminds me of the Plame Affair. I am even more outraged than I was then. Then it was (probably) Dick Cheney, the vice president at the time spilling the beans. This time it’s Agent Orange, the Presidential Kumquat. Why both of them can’t be charged with treason is beyond me.



When Cheney’s folks outed Plame and threw a part of the American intelligence network into chaos is was part of a Machiavellian scheme to further the Administration’s interests. Trump appears to have made an even more serious breach just in the name of showing off.



“Why both of them can’t be charged with treason is beyond me.”

  1. GOP backs him.
  2. Too wealthy.


Of course this shouldn’t have come as any surprise - there was concern about sharing any kind of sensitive information with him during the election because of the expectation he’d share it with the Russians. This is, at worst, simply more proof that was correct. Trump is clearly unable to understand what information he shouldn’t share, and has no critical thinking abilities.
Apparently Trump’s aides don’t provide him with the various options he has when making a decision - that’s too confusing for him. Instead they decide what they think the best option is, then provide arguments and evidence for that - except it was recently revealed that they deliberately use internet hoaxes and fake information to steer his choices (presumably because it’s easiest).
To call Trump “dangerous” is a grotesque understatement.


It’s ok guys, in exchange he found out what Putin wants for his birthday, and that’s DAMN IMPORTANT.


Hillary wasn’t President.


Yes, you’re right, the President is the one guy who decides which facts are classified and which facts are unclassified, all day long. He has no time to do anything else. No one else is delegated with that authority, certainly not the Secretary of State :rolling_eyes:


Good points. Cheney probably wouldn’t, say, nuke N.Korea just to prove he could. Well, probably.