Trump 'Crazy': President described by fired FBI director Comey as 'outside realm of normal'


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In a way I feel that Comey was too innocent for Washington.


Some would object to Comey’s use of the vague term “crazy.” Me, I prefer the more accurate description: “a pathological attention-seeking narcissist whose emotional development was arrested in adolescence.”


Aging con artist, with “connections to” organized crime, suffering from dementia?


Tomato, tomahto…


It’s not so much surprising that Comey would be unable to avoid saying what’s completely fucking obvious, but that anyone else can avoid stating the obvious when referencing Trump.

I’d say it’s even more than that, though. There are some really severe cognitive issues with Trump that renders him very difficult for cognitively normal people to fully comprehend.


I’ve heard it said that if the GOP could overturn Obamacare quickly then it wouldn’t be on the voters’ minds come 2018, and any fallout from that they could find a way to explain away.

Well, maybe.

But if Trump continues to be Trump (and he shows no signs of stopping), and the GOP continues to carry his water, there will still be a lot of anger and fear in voters’ minds come the midterm elections. The longer Republicans keep this up the more they hitch their individual fates to his.

But from what I’ve seen of the districts being contested, it will be difficult for the Democrats to win enough seats to mount a serious impeachment bid alone (2/3 majority in the Senate needed to convict.) Watergate is the distant past, and since the “Reagan revolution” the GOP has closed ranks; they aren’t really prepared to go after one of their own. In 2020 the GOP will have a lot more seats to defend in the Senate, and that could mean a complete change in power for Congress and the White House. And the longer Trump stays in the White House the more long term damage he does to the GOP. I guess that’s the silver lining on this pitch black storm cloud.


This whole GOP hitching their wagon to Trump means that an investigation for impeachment is going to be blocked aggressively because if Trump loses the GOP loses. For most of the GOP, it’s not about loyalty, it’s about saving their own skins of course. All that has to be done is convince the GOP that Trump is going to lose support of the base and the GOP will fold like a cheap lawn chair.


I have no love for Comey, but the recent stories - the “fuming” stuff, this NYT story - mostly show me that Trump is an emotional five-year-old. I always opposed this wishful thinking, but now I think president Pence might be possible. Of course, he’s an evil fuck, but at least competent.

Edit: said WaPo instead of NYT. No clue why.


Oh for fuck’s sake


"Trump is weighing a trip to the FBI headquarters at the J Edgar Hoover building on Friday, per two people briefed."
This could be Trump’s most FANTASTIC speech yet!!


The ratings will be HUGE.


His awfulness is extra-Euclidean.


The problem the Republicans have is that they still haven’t found a way to get rid of Trump without their golden boy, Pence, being spattered with the resulting shitstorm. The best case scanario for them would be if tRump works himself into a heartattack and drops dead. ( Although preferably not on the toilet in his garish golden bathrobe with his tiny hands clutched around his phone, a tweet left unfinished… ) Then Pence can step up to the plate and give them a real chance at a reelection come 2020.
What they will never let happen is that the election is declared invalid.


Now that sounds like your speaking from a place of cognormal priviledge. This is saneist discrimination pure and simple. We should celebrate all mental states, from narcissism to violent delusional schizophrenia. /sarcasm…


This has to be the best post I’ve seen in days - short, sweet, and soooo true!


Agree. Sadly, I don’t think Trump’s act rises to the (Republicans’ necessary) level of incompetence/malfeasance-- unless Trump was conscious Comey was about to indict him.

Simply firing Comey because he didn’t like him will be “OK” to the Republicans.


I said this 2 years ago, Trump is a fucking clown. Clowns might be popular but you shouldn’t put them in charge just because of that. They fucked over their party and I truly hope something better rises from the ashes. Probably not, it will probably just continue to fester.


Now that I’ve laughed and hit the like button, I’m going to look that up to find out what it means :confused: